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Key Features that Make the Movie Projector a Worthy Investment

25 Jun Posted in Home Interior

If you’ve always been a huge movie fan and your ultimate dream is to own a cinema, then you should consider transforming your room into a little home cinema, until you can open a real cinema. In order to embark on this project, you need to have some patience because the whole process may last for some time. However, by purchasing a movie projector, you’re one step away from making this a reality. Here are some of the main features of a good movie projector.

Brightness level

This aspect is perhaps the most important feature that you must look in a movie projector. The brightness of a projector is determined by ANSI Lumens. This unit of measurement is important in choosing your product because it indicates the degree of brightness of your image. For a projection in a dark room or in daylight, opt for a versatile model of at least 2000 ANSI Lumens


Regarding the resolution of a movie project, what you must keep in mind is the fact that a movie projector is able to produce HD images (1080p or 720p). Since many movie projector are mostly used as computer monitors, you can choose to invest in a movie projector that offers 1024 x 768 resolution, which is the resolution of a standard monitor. This way, you will get to see bright and clear images, like the ones from the computer.


Similarly, the contrast is an important element to consider: in the value of 800: 1, blacks are very washed out. Contrast ratio represents the difference between the whitest white and the blackest black in an image. It’s highly recommended to opt for a movie projector that has many control settings, so that you can adjust the contrast level to your preference.


If LCD technology has largely been abandoned in favor of tri-LCD, the alternative DLP (for Digital Light Processing) will seduce the most demanding of you. Indeed, this technology has the advantage of offering higher brightness as tri-LCD at equal power, and especially much better contrast. In addition, the operation of the DLP exclude the presence of dead pixel as one can find with the tri-LCD. Nevertheless, the latter technology is much cheaper.

Projector lamp

Representing up to 30% of a video projector, the lamp is an element of utmost importance in your device. To prolong its life (which can range from 2000-6000 hours in the best case), make sure your projector allows an “eco mode” that will save you a little light at the cost of somewhat lower brightness. Also note that Xenon lamps produce colors more accurately models the UHP (Ultra High Performance), but have a lesser life span.

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