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10 Ways to Bring Your Living Room to Life

30 May Posted in Home Interior


It’s common to assume that to really bring your living room to life, you need to go to extreme lengths. In reality however, there are so many simple alterations that can add up to an enormous difference. Best of all, overspending needn’t be an issue.

So if you’ve been looking for a simple yet effective way of revamping your home’s primary living space, here’s a quick rundown of 10 simple ideas to get you started:

1. Set the Tone with Colour

First of all, you could think about giving your living room a new lick of paint.  While it may sound like a major undertaking, it’s actually pretty easy (not to mention cheap) to throw down a few sheets, grab a brush and get busy with the colours of your choosing. There’s really nothing that can transform the mood and tone of any room like a fresh coat of paint in a new colour.

2. Feature Walls and Ceilings

Or if not the entire room, why not focus on one or more feature walls? Or perhaps even the ceiling? By painting or papering just one surface in your living room, you immediately create the kind of focus point that can set the entire room off in a big way.

3. Rugs and Throws

Rather than refurnishing or re-carpeting the entire room, you could create a similar transformative effect with the addition of a few rugs and throws. It’s certainly quicker and cheaper – plus there’s endless room for experimentation.

4. Create a Focal Point

It’s always good to have something of a primary focal point in the living room, which captures the idea and serves as something of a central feature. It can be anything from a beautiful fireplace to a large indoor plant to a piece of artwork or really anything else that stands out.

5. Work on Your Walls

Bringing about a real transformation could also be as easy as getting to work on your walls. Or more specifically, what you present and hang on your walls.  From ornate picture frames to modern wall clocks to elegant mirrors and so on, changing your surroundings by working on your walls can see the entire room brought to life in a new way.

6. Arrange Furniture Differently

If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t have to cost anything at all, one of the best is that of simply rearranging the furniture. It’s quite remarkable how the entire mood and visual dynamic of any room can be changed when its primary fixtures and furniture are moved into new positions. Given the fact that you can always put things back, it’s definitely worth playing around with.

7. Inviting Lighting

Research suggests that not nearly enough DIY decorators pay sufficient attention to lighting. Nevertheless, the right lighting has the potential to see every inch of your home’s interiors presented in an entirely different way.  Step away from the usual standard of using just a single fixture to light the entire room, instead experimenting with floor-standing fixtures, table lamps, feature lighting and so on.

8. Install More Mirrors

If you are looking to bring a sense of brightness and life to the indoors, one of the best ways of going about it is to install more mirrors. This is particularly true in the case of any interior living spaces that are not exactly generous in terms of size. Mirrors naturally reflect light and give a perception of added size, which when used correctly really can make all the difference in the world.

9. A Touch of Nature

If it’s not something you are already doing, it’s definitely worth considering bringing a few more plants into the home. Particularly in the rooms in which you spend the most time relaxing and socialising, plants can be uniquely decorative and contribute to overall ambience in a big way. And of course, there’s much to be said for what many types of indoor plants can do in terms of natural air purification and fragrance.

10. De-Clutter

Last but not least, if you have the kind of living room that’s definitely interesting but a little on the cluttered side, this could represent the perfect place to start.  Stripping things back to a more minimalist overall aesthetic can not only bring a living room to life, but also make it significantly easier to keep clean and tidy.  And once again, if you decide you preferring the other way around, you can always switch back after a little experimentation.