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3 Reasons the Smart Doorbell Is a No-Brainer

17 Aug Posted in Family

Smart home automation just keeps getting better. As evidence, consider the smart video doorbell as a replacement for your legacy doorbell. A smart doorbell offers a lot of functionality that goes above and beyond simply making noise when someone pushes the button. Indeed, the smart doorbell may prove to be the smartest home automation device ever invented.

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a smart doorbell is a piece of technology that combines a standard door chime with a video camera, two-way audio system, and remote access via mobile device. Some of the better doorbells on the market even offer night vision and motion-sensing capabilities.

If you are going to install a home security system, including a smart doorbell is a no-brainer. Below are three reasons you should consider installing one:

1. You Don’t Have to Open the Front Door

Security experts are constantly telling us that we should never open the front door to someone we do not know. It only takes a crack in the door for an aggressive intruder to force his way into a home in a split second. That’s why we have peepholes. Rather than opening the door, we are supposed to look through the peephole and speak to the person through the door until he or she can be identified.

Installing a smart doorbell takes the peephole concept to the next level. You never have to open the door to find out who is there because you can see him or her on video and communicate via the two-way audio system. For example, you can ask visitors to identify themselves by holding their identification up to the installed camera. You can call a visitor’s employer to verify he or she was sent for official business. Not having to open the door to people you don’t know significantly reduces your risks.

2. You Don’t Have to Be Home to Answer

One of the greatest strengths of the smart doorbell lies in its ability to let you answer it even if you’re not home. When someone rings your bell, you receive an alert on your cell phone or another mobile device. You can then instantly bring up the video and audio feed. If you’re not home, the person standing at your door never needs to know. You can just tell that person you are not interested in whatever they have to offer.

As an added bonus, the built-in video system only works one way. You can see your visitor, but your visitor cannot see you. Whoever is standing at your door has no way of knowing whether you are home or not. This is a very good deterrent to those who might consider trying to break in.

3. You Get an Extra Video Camera

Adding a smart doorbell to your security system gives you an extra video camera to surveil the front door. A wireless camera you would have otherwise installed on the outside of the house can then be placed elsewhere. The extra camera could make the difference in establishing a tight video perimeter offering maximum surveillance capabilities.

For the small investment required, installing a smart doorbell with your home security system is an obvious no-brainer. The extra level of security a smart doorbell offers makes it worth every penny spent. You will be able to answer the door without opening it, keep visitors guessing as to whether or not you are home, and enjoy the benefits of having an extra surveillance camera to work with. What more could you ask from a home security and automation device?

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