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5 things you can make with ribbon

02 Sep Posted in Home Interior

Everyone loves DIY projects, because they represent the opportunity to create beautiful, hand-made things you can use around the house. Besides the wonderful and exciting feeling of making something with your own hands, you will also experience the joy of saving money, because you can create inexpensive items by using regular supplies in an ingenious way. If you have ribbon and hot glue around the house, you can simply use your creativity to come up with multiple uses, but you can also check out various applications for ribbon online. Starting with Christmas ribbon decorations, you can find numerous DIY projects and ideas online, not to mention video tutorials you can watch. You can find inspiration and discover new ways of using ribbon instantly on the Internet. Following is a list of popular applications for ribbon.

  1. Make Christmas decorations


During the festive season, you will need to come up with different ways of decorating the house every year. If you are a perfectionist or you simply wish to use something special to create a lovely atmosphere for the Christmas party, you will probably not even entertain the thought of buying Christmas decorations from the supermarket. They are not only expensive, they also lack the exquisite look you are looking for. Ribbon and bows can be used to create elegant and lovely décor for your party. The charm of hand-made decorations is undoubtedly greater than anything you can find on the market.


  1. Embellish your furniture

Ribbon can be used to add beauty and charm to plain or old furniture pieces. For instance, you can use hot glue to add a colourful ribbon to an old stool. Make sure you choose complementary colours. Repainting old furniture is often not enough to make it look good inside a modern house. However, a little bit of ribbon will subtlety add personality to your reinvented furniture.


  1. Create trendy accessories

Ribbon is the perfect material for lovely and trendy accessories such as hair bows, statement necklaces, hair bands, bracelets, earrings and so on. They are easy to make and cheaper than you can imagine. More than that, you will find plenty of tutorials that can teach you how to make necklaces and bracelets just like the ones you can find on the market.


  1. Exquisite table settings

You can use ribbon to tie silverware together, as well as dress the chairs. You can also tie ribbon around candle jars for a stunning effect. Table settings are all about aesthetic appeal and nothing works better than ribbon when it comes to creating a beautiful setting.


  1. Décor your home

Ribbon can add charm to any home decoration. You can use it to hold curtains back, hand pictures and tie a stack of books before placing it on a shelf. Interior décor is all about the little details and ribbon can make a plain decoration shine brilliantly.

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