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Add flowers to your home decor

25 Feb Posted in Home Interior

Many people are passionate about home decor, reason for which specialized magazines and online blogs that talk about home decoration ideas are so popular. However, if you search through them, you will notice that most of the articles and posts discuss major projects, such as painting your house or changing the furniture, remodeling your bathroom and so on. Few resources are focused on the little things you can do to spruce up your place, such as adding flowers to your home decor. This might strike you as odd, but flower bouquets can do wonders to a room and one doesn’t have to wait for their significant other to offer them flowers, in order to have them in the house. They don’t have to be pompous arrangements either, you just need to make them fit in the room, by say wrapping a florist ribbon around them that matches the colors in the room.

When it comes to having flowers in the house, the general feeling seems to be that they belong in a vase in the living room, but you can definitely enliven your entire house by having bouquets or arrangements all over the place. Indeed, a rich bouquet in a beautiful vase goes perfectly in the living room, but a one-color arrangement placed in a very plain container, it doesn’t even have to be a vase, will perfectly go on your kitchen table. In addition, if your kitchen windows are facing toward your yard or garden and you have a wide enough sill, you can place a couple of flower pots there and they will look amazing. Again, it surely makes a difference if you softly embellish the pots or the containers with florist ribbon bows, as you can easily find a wide range of colours, patterns and fabrics that can math any type of flower arrangement and any style of room decor. If you’re lacking ideas, you can simply look for photos of flower bouquets and arrangements online and then see which would go in each of your rooms.

However, flower arrangements are not the only way in which you can keep flowers indoors. You may think that potted plants are difficult to care for but there are some simple gardening tips and tricks that you need to know in order to keep potted plants alive. For starters, you must wet them regularly, but not abundantly as too much water can cause the plants to rot.

When it comes to keeping potted flowers indoors, the most important aspect to consider is light. If you lack sufficient natural light, look for the greatest top led grow lights. These types of artificial lights, will give your indoor flowers an extra boost of energy so that they can survive the gloomy winter days, when natural light is not sufficient. With the greatest top led grow lights, you can even grow exotic flowers indoors, so that you can impress your guests with an amazing tropical decor. However, for that purpose, you will have to search the web for some exotic gardening tips and tricks, as things are a little more complicated in that area.

If your house is large enough and you have a guest room, then having fresh flowers in it when people come to visit adds a very nice touch and if you take a little time to put the flowers into a beautiful, stylish bouquet or arrangement wrapped in a beautiful and matching florist ribbon, then the room will certainly look like a high class hotel room and your visitors will be impressed. The bottom line is that, whether they’re for your living room, your kitchen, your dining table or your guest room, flowers can enliven any space and turn any room into a home decor magazine photo, so be sure to consider this little trick next time you’re wondering what you can do to spruce up the place a little bit. You can find numerous type of ribbons and other such decorative items to make your little arrangements online, so there is no hassle in making this happen.

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