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Be a wise student – choose to rent

21 Mar Posted in Family

When you choose to go to a college far away from home, you have to take multiple aspects into consideration. The main one is your accommodation, because you will need to stay in a place which offers you the suitable conditions for studying and resting. You will need a lot of comfort and proper environment for being able to study, and achieve great results. You have the possibility to stay in a dorm, but you will not benefit from the best conditions there, so you should consider renting your own place. You might not know, but many people choose a student accommodation Aberdeen, because they consider it the perfect option for spending their college years. Here are the main reasons students choose to rent a place for them, rather than buying or staying in a dorm.

Maximum flexibility

When you are a student you want to stay in a place where no one disturbs you, and which offers you flexibility. You do not want to spend a large amount of money on accommodation, so you do not take into consideration the possibility of buying a house. When you buy a house you are aware that you will have to pay a large amount of money when you buy it, and then periodically to spend more on maintaining it. Renting your own flat, for example will offer you the flexibility of paying only a monthly sum, which is quite affordable for a student. Also, renting is more flexible than staying in a dorm, because there might by strict rules which do not allow you to come with friends in the night for example.

Avoid maintenance and other added costs

The majority of students choose to rent a place because they do not want to waste their money on maintaining a flat or house. When you rent the landlord would be the one who will fix any structural defect or problem with the wiring and plumbing. In case you experience any troubles with your accommodation place you only have to contact the landlord, and he will take care to fix the issues as soon as possible, and you will not have to pay a penny. Also, you will not have to pay any taxes, because the landlord is the one who will do it, you only pay him a fix sum monthly.

Students’ accommodations are located close to colleges

You will notice while looking for a place to rent, that there are some accommodations located close to your college, because many landlords designed them to be rented especially by students. You will see that these places are created according to every student’s need, so you do not have to worry that you will not have enough room, or you will not benefit from all amenities you want. Also, when you go for accommodations, especially designed for students, you have the possibility to choose from different types, and you will be delighted to find that all your neighbours will be also students. Therefore, renting a student’s accommodation seems to be the best choice for you.


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