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Beyond Home Interior – Reorganize Your Garage Wisely

20 Aug Posted in Home Interior

The services offered by interior designers are highly sought after for these days, mostly because people love to redecorate their homes from time to time. In fact, they seem to have absolutely no problem when it comes to spending large amounts of money to that end. However, everyone seems to completely forget about their garage, that additional space that most people use for storage purposes only. It’s true that some homeowners take the time to search the market in order to find a few practical garage storage solutions, but even so, it’s not enough. You can’t have a house that is beautifully decorated as if it were taken out of a magazine and a garage looking like no man’s land. The two just don’t fit. So, if you are open to a few suggestions and recommendations, here is how you can adequately decide on solid storage solutions.

Decide on the right storage solution

You find this hard to believe, given the fact that not that many people take on garage organizing plans all that seriously, but the specialized market is pretty rich. Indeed, you have more options that you would have ever thought. You could go for an all metal shelving system or for a wood unit. At the same time, you could choose cabinets that are fixed directly on the walls of your garage. A suggestion you could use would be to consider your needs and only after make a decision. Don’t choose solely based on aspects like appearance or price, because on the long term you will realize that you have made a mistake. If you have heavy items to deposit on the unit, try going for metal, as these are solid solutions. However, if you are going to store old shoes or clothes, then wood could be an option, So, before anything else, consider need in choosing the right solution for your garage.

Carefully plan the free space

Any wise reorganization project, whether it is about the house or the garage should be based on a few calculations with regards to space. Think of all your space, think of your needs and then put your mind at work. You have to make the best of the garage, which basically means that not only will you have to organize all your items, but the storage system you choose should be capacious enough and should not take too much of your space. Think of suspended cabinets, shelves placed in corners, hanging systems for the garden tools and mix them around. However, one word of caution: combine these systems wisely, maintaining access to all the items stored.

Label everything

This is the essence of organizing projects. Labels represent structure and order and they should definitely be part of your garage reorganizing project. The fun thing about using labels is that these can be of various kinds. You don’t have to use those traditional yellow paper labels. You could get fun signs or write on wooden tablets with pyrography tools. With just a bit of creativity, you could structure all your belongings in an adequate manner, but at the same time, bring a bit of style in a space that would otherwise be quite dull.

Increase the garage security

Whether or not you are planning on storing expensive things into the garage, since you are reorganizing it, you might as well improve it a little bit. For starters, did you know that a lot of home break ins happen through the garage. Our advice for you would be to buy the best garage door opener, so that only you and your family members will be able to open the garage doors. The best garage door opener should be smartphone compatible, or it should come with a remote control, so that you can open it without having to get out of the card. Moreover, it should be sturdy and it should come with some effective security features.

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