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Consider these aspects when buying a porch swing

25 Feb Posted in Family

Porch swings are home additions that have enjoyed great popularity in the 19th century because they allowed people to sit outside comfortably. In the beginning residents used to bring their furniture outside and sit and talk to neighbors. However, you can still find them across the country, the major difference being that now they are not placed on the front porch anymore. They can be found on front lawns or hanging from a tree branch. You too can create a peaceful place to relax and read a book if you buy a porch swing. Online stores like allow you to choose from many different styles. No matter the style that you choose, take up the following suggestions when shopping for a swing.

Consider the type of porch swing    

Porch swing serve their purpose in the garden, which means that they hold people and they move them back and forth in order to relax them. However, there are several types of swings that accomplish this task. There are hanging swings, chair swings, daybeds and gliders. What you should consider is the hanging type due to the fact that you can hang them from either the ceiling of the porch or the branch of a tree. Gliders, on the other hand, have a stationary base and only mimic the swinging motion. They are not hung at all.

The type of wood

Even though outdoor swings are manufactured from various materials, like iron and plastic, you may prefer those made from wood because they add a rustic, old-fashioned look to your home. But attention should be paid to the fact that certain species of wood are more suitable for outdoor use than others. For example, ash, western red cheddar and treated pine are more practical. While western red cheddar is the least dense of these woods, treated pine is more affordable. Wooden swings that are made from oak and ash will contrast a house with dark bricks and siding, while maple and cherry will definitely add depth to a classic white or pastel-colored home.

Think about the weather

The biggest mistake that you can make is not consider the weather in the area. If you live in an n areas where it rains and snows a lot, then you may want to consider a plastic swing because they are easy to clean, but, more importantly, they are capable of handling a lot of weather. What will also work in a rainy climate is an iron swing because it can withstand the wind and the snow. If you really want the classic wooden porch swing, then make sure to buy some waterproof sealants as well.


Regardless of the type of porch swing that you desire, you should also consider buying some accessories as well. Some models of porch swings can even be purchased together with cushioned seats that add extra comfort. In addition to making your stay far more comfortable, cushions will also add color. You can choose the cushions to complement the color of the home. Last but not least, think about adding a canopy because it will protect your swing from outside elements, like sunrays and rain.

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