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Country Style Interior Design Ideas

07 Nov Posted in Home Interior

The country style interior design is one of the design styles that has been around the longest, in one form or another. Different countries have adopted this kind of decorating style and influenced it in such way that it would reflect their particularities, and so the French Country style, the English Country style or the Tuscan style appeared.

Country decorating ideas must submit the idea of a clean and environmentally friendly space. This type of interior design makes you think of rural areas and is inspired from the simplicity and hospitality you can find in the country side. Here are some tips to get an accurate country style interior design in your house.

A style characterized by the warmth of a rural home

The country style interior design is about cozy, homey pieces of furniture and decoration, that make you go thinking about the early days of the United States. Handmade items prevail, including knitted and handwoven fabrics and furnishing. When you think of this decorating style, you picture welcoming, relaxed wooden rooms, with big woven curtains and imposing fireplaces .The idea is to maintain the elements characteristic for the country style and mix them with today’s more uncluttered items.

Country style highlights all handmade objects

Other country decorating ideas use natural fiber textiles: tablecloths and napkins of embroidered cotton, wool soft beds, cotton sofas and armchairs covers, drapes and curtains in light tones, hand woven carpets, quilts etc. You can fill sofas with cushions covered in woven and crocheted pillowcases. A plaid wool blanket thrown on a wooden rocking chair placed in a corner of the living room is a painting that briefly defines the country style. You can also choose wicker furniture, for example, and try to stay away from furniture with lacquered and polished facets. The design of the furniture must be simplistic and meant to inspire warmth, comfort and relaxation.

Closer to nature and back to the roots

When you choose to decorate your house in a country style interior design, you must choose environmentally friendly and natural materials wherever possible for both construction and finishing, such as wood, reeds, stone, brick, etc. The wood used in country style home décor must be in light and warm tones. Discrete suave floral wallpaper is the perfect choice for decorating the walls. The colors used are pale, discreet and mostly nature inspired, including earthy browns, barn red, wheat straw yellow and sage green.

Combine both simplicity and technology

The connection to nature doesn’t mean you must forget about technology and gadgets. You can equip your house with appliances that blend in the decor, like a sheet-metal stove and fridge. Choose natural colors and avoid stainless steel items. The metal may be present only if it looks old. Totally inappropriate for this decorating style is nickel, chrome, plastic, glass and generally everything about urban style that looks new and shiny. A vintage copper coffee pot is perfect for a country style kitchen. Use simple and natural decorations, like a handmade basket, a pottery item or a piece of folk art hanging on a wall.

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