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Decorating your daughter’s bike with lovely ribbons

26 Aug Posted in Family

Summer is here, the perfect holiday for strolling in the park and participating in all sorts of outdoor activities. Taking your children on a trip to the mountains is certainly a great way to spend a beautiful summer afternoon. If you take your bikes with you, then you will definitely fit in with the latest trends. These days, more and more people try as much as they can to incorporate sport in their daily activities and while going to the gym or swimming might be great options, it seems that ridding the bicycle has gained the highest level of popularity. It’s true people from all parts of the world come together in all sorts of cycling events, go on trips through the woods, exploring the nature, on their bikes, of course. Your children would have a lot to gain from practicing this sport. If you have a son, it won’t be very difficult to convince him to join you, but if you have a daughter, then you need to go for a different strategy. Try to embellish her bike with some colourful, beautiful satin ribbons. Here are a few ideas you could definitely benefit from.


Start with handle bar


The handle bar is the most visible part of the your daughter’s bike. She will see the first time she look at her bike, as well as all her friends and neighbours when she is cycling down the street. Find a dedicated provider and buy a few satin bows, of various sizes and colours, preferably pink variations, as well as white and silver. Dark and dusty pink, violet, fuchsia, all these colours should be present on the handle bar. Put the bigger ones in the middle and the small bows to the ends. This way, the effect will be guaranteed.


The saddle of the bike

You might think that there is no reason to decorate the saddle with ribbons, as she will sit on it and won’t actually be able to enjoy the decorations. It is not the actual saddle that will be decorated but the bar on which it is placed. You only need one big bow, preferably one that comes with a delicate, princess like design. Dedicated providers have a few options to offer you, so take a look on specialised websites.


The wheels keep turning

The last idea on how to make a surprise for your daughter is to decorate the wheels of her bike with small bows. These should be colourful and you could easily tie them on the spokes of the wheel. If you do this on the front and back wheel of the bike, then you will have that stunning effect you were hoping to get


Hopefully the ideas mentioned above have given you some clues on how to surprise your daughter and convince her to go out cycling with her lovely looking bike.

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