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DIY family projects – Benefits for small children

28 Dec Posted in Home Interior

Involving small children in crafty activities has a huge positive impact on them. They become more attentive, skilled and practical, while their imagination increases. Also, crafty children seem to understand easily logical and mathematical concepts. Simple supplies such as some floristry ribbons UK produced, empty boxes and a hot glue gun are more than sufficient for involving your children in activities of this kind. Maybe they have craft and arts classes at school, but why not help them have some fun and learn something new in the comfort of their homes? Below you will find some ideas both you and your children will enjoy putting into practice.

1. Help them differentiate between the concept of craft and arts

Many tend to mix those two up. However, the concept of art implies no structured activity, simply, letting your imagination create something new. The concept of craft means a structured activity, working accordingly to a pre-established plan. If you want to make your children understand better the difference, give them some pieces of ribbons and ask them to create something they think looks artsy. Don’t give them indications. Let them use their imagination and see what the outcome is. For a better understanding of the concept of craft, ask them to replicate an idea found on the internet, strictly following the steps described and using the requested supplies.

2. Tech them to express themselves

While you might want them to learn how to follow some instructions, it is also important for them to stimulate their imagination. Let them deviate from indications and create something new themselves. Projects involving ribbons are versatile and they are a great place to start from.

3. Improve their practical skills

You must know a child’s capacity of finding practical solutions to s series of issues they might encounter is highly valuable. When you let them become crafty, you are not letting them having fun or differentiating between arts and crafts. You help them improve their abilities of finding solutions with the available supplies. Once again, ribbon crafts are perfect for this purpose. Deprive your children from one crucial supply and let them become inventive. Finding solutions will help them later in life. After all, you never have all you need for your projects.

4. Help them find their passion

A child without any activity is unlikely to find a hobby they love. When you let them become creative, you also spark the desire in them to create something. Maybe your child is even inclined to arts and you didn’t notice it until now. Maybe they show carpentry skills. Who knows? Let them experiment and see what they love doing the most.

These are some of the ways arts and crafts might help with your child’s development. They are all valuable skills that will improve them as human being and their values as well. Let them experiment and have fun in a highly educative way.

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