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Do this before building a shipping container house

12 Jan Posted in Home Interior

When you want to add an extra room to your old house, or you want to build a new one, but you do not have enough money for a standard one, you might think of constructing with the help of a shipping container. Shipping container houses are the new trend in environmental buildings, and many people are collaborating with companies like,, to choose a container and transform it into their office, living room, or kitchen. However, before buying a container and starting the process of transforming it into your home, you should follow some simple tips, to be sure that you get a good one, and you build a functional space.

Spend a little time inside one

You might know someone that already has a shipping container transformed into a functional room, so you should talk with him and spend some time in there. In this way, you would see if you like to stay there, and what new changes you should bring to your own one. When you see how someone transformed his container, you can notice how you should personalise your own, to make it suit your needs.

Explore the market and see it before buying

The key factor that would influence your decision in buying a certain container is to know the market. You will be able to know the different types and size of container and see which one is good for you. You can talk with a specialist and see what container size is suited for an office, living room or kitchen. In addition, you might want to see the container, because only in this way you will notice if it is the right one for you or not. You should talk with your contractor, because you have to know what changes you are allowed to do to containers, and understand their structural integrity.

Find the right constructor

When you plan to build an extra room to your house from a container, or your vacation house you should find a constructor that has experience in this domain, because he has to know how to customise it. You should try to find a person that knows how to deal with the whole process of transformation, because you will spend more time if you have a constructor that modifies your container and other that decorates your interior. In addition, a qualified one will be able to tell you, your country’s standards and rules for this type of construction, so your will not have any legal issues.

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