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eBooks – a great opportunity for authors

21 Oct Posted in Family

Ever since Kindle and Kindle like gadgets appeared on the market, together with eBooks, there has been a lot of talk of what a great opportunity this represented for readers. The modern reader now has a way to enjoy his hobby anytime, anywhere, being able to buy or download as many books as desired, some of them even for free, as well as discovering new authors and genres every time. Indeed, all of these sound like great benefits, but eBooks are great not just for readers, but for authors as well. Getting you book, as an author, in front of the public is much easier to do online than with a regular publishing house, especially if you know how to promote your eBook and how to take advantage of the online environment. In fact, the whole process can take a lot less than you would have thought and can represent a great opportunity for authors, especially new starters.

Making your book an eBook


Before thinking about how to promote your eBook and how to reach millions of readers worldwide, you need to have an eBook, obviously and publish it online. The first step in this process and researching the web a little to find platforms that provide this service, the number one example being of course Amazon Kindle, as all other websites that sell eBooks usually take them from your Amazon publishing profile. You need to research what type of format is supported by these platforms and then make sure that your book is formatted accordingly. After that, all you have to do is create an account and publish your book, making sure you’ve read and understood the publishing rights and royalty information. Next, you need to decide on a price and then click Publish and that’s it, in the shortest time your book will be available in the online store.


Promoting the eBook


As mentioned above, the digital books era comes with great opportunities not only for readers, but for authors as well, provided that you know how to make the best of these opportunities and how to promote your eBook, not only on Amazon, but on other platforms as well. In fact, getting your book in front of as many readers as possible is one of the basic principles of book promotion and this means publishing it on several different platforms or interlinking the platforms. For instance, there are websites that sell and promote eBooks, but these are not in fact published on those platforms, but uploaded from the Amazon account. These websites represent a great opportunity for promotion, as they get your book in front of a different audience maybe or even a larger audience than Amazon, as some of these platforms offer deals and discounts, thus attracting more users. They also provide different type of promotional methods, so that you can choose how you want to advertise it and what type of pricing concessions you are willing to make.

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