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Essential Advice for Buying a Good Basement Dehumidifier

17 Apr Posted in Home Interior

A dehumidifier should not miss from any home where the humidity levels are above the comfort level and where this aspect starts to create health problems or problems with the state of the building. Given that basements are often affected by excessive humidity, a basement dehumidifier will come in handy if you want to get rid of the air moisture and to help you choose the best one, here is some advice for buying a good basement dehumidifier for your home.

Read some reviews

When you shop for a basement dehumidifier, do some research on some of the most popular models and find out what customers say about them after having used them in their homes. The most unbiased reviews come from people who have bought the item and can give you real information on how efficient the dehumidifier is. You can find some great, unbiased reviews on The reviews presented on that website also feature ratings for the most important dehumidifier features, ratings that will help you compare similar products.

Consider the size of the room

An important aspect in choosing a dehumidifier is the size of your basement, which should match the capacity of the dehumidifier. A dehumidifier too small will not be able to handle the humidity in a large basement and it may seem inefficient although it would give yield in a smaller area, therefore, make sure the dehumidifier will fit the size of the basement.

Check the capacity of the unit

The basement dehumidifiers are divided by their capacity, namely the number of pints of water they can gather every day. The higher the number of pints, the more efficient the unit will be and the more rarely you will have to empty its container.

The water drainage is important

The dehumidifiers designed for large areas, that will collect large amounts of water, have a continuous drainage system that allows you to place the hose into a floor-level drainage and have the unit empty itself once the water container is filled. If your basement does not have a floor-level drainage, choose a model with a built-in pump that will allow the dehumidifier to throw the water out through a window.

Portability increases the convenience

The portability is an important feature in a basement dehumidifier, as it makes it more convenient to use, considering that its size is larger than of a common dehumidifier and a handle and some caster wheels will make it easier to move from place to place.

A humidistat will be useful

Considering that you will place the dehumidifier in the basement and you will leave it unsupervised, a built-in humidistat will make the unit stop once the level of humidity you selected has been reached. This will keep the unit from working when not in need, thus it will save energy on your household bill.

Buy a unit that works in low temperatures

Basements are often cold and damp and a dehumidifier that will work under low temperatures and has an automatic defrost feature is the best you can get for your basement. These features will have the unit working even in cold days when there is no heating system installed in the room.

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