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Essential furniture pieces for your living room

18 Aug Posted in Home Interior


Moving to a new place can be exciting as well as expensive. You have to find items that perfectly fit in your new living space and at the same time satisfy your image of how the new place should look like. Before deciding to invest a fortune in furnishing your living room, our advice is to find a few good-quality central pieces and then develop a design starting from them. You could try Sonoma Oak Coffee Table as a central piece of furniture. An impressive coffee table adds personality to your home design and it can last you a lifetime.

A good-quality rug

In order to create a welcoming and cozy appearance to your new living area, you should consider buying a rug. Depending on your preferences, you could opt for different prints, patterns, colors and textures. Furthermore, you can decide to play with different types of rugs in order to express better your personality. For example, on top of an ethnic printed rug, you could add a fake fur one to add some extra coziness. Excepting the looks, adding a good rug in your living room has functional purposes, too. It insulates very well in the cold season, this way allowing you to cut down the heating expenses. Furthermore, if you have small children, you know very well they tend to spend a lot of time on the floor, so a fluffy rug will create an appropriate “playground” preventing them from catching a cold.

An impressive sofa

Spending time in the living area is a way of interacting with your loved ones and involving in a single activity. A sofa provides a functional way to achieve this purpose. Remember: the bigger the family, the bigger the sofa. Take into consideration the frequency your friends are paying you visits and have that in mind, too. To create a welcoming design you should consider buying some throw pillows and a blanket and have them placed on it. Moreover, you should remember it would cost you less if you buy from the start a good-quality sofa, instead of frequently replacing a cheap one.

A coffee table

You have to pay attention to the coffee table when buying furniture because it will be the central element of the room. Buying the right coffee table will make the rest of the process a lot easier. Invest in a hardwood one and you will have it a lifetime. Add a personal note by placing your favorite magazines or books on it, a few decorative candles or a sculpture would make a real difference. Besides the aesthetics, a table has a practical purpose. Protect it with special solutions against usage, because you are going to place objects like glasses, mugs or bowls on it. Alternatively, you could also invest in a set of coasters to protect your table.

These are a few essential pieces you should start building your living area. Invest in good quality ones and you could have style changes in time without buying new ones.


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