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Five Instances Where Standard Duct Tape Just Won’t Cut It

28 Sep Posted in Home Interior

When and where strong and reliable adhesive tape is called for, millions instinctively turn to classic duct tape. Considered far and wide to be one of the most versatile products on the face of the Earth, there are literally thousands of uses for the stuff. When it comes to carrying out minor repairs in a wide variety of scenarios, duct tape represents an easy, affordable and reliable approach to getting the job done. Which is precisely why it tends to be reached for instinctively without a second thought when almost any repair job calls for a patch up.

However, there will always be a great many instances in which duct tape, despite being so universally useful, will just not cut it. According to the UK’s leading 3M Tape Suppliers, there are thousands of instances every day where people in domestic and business circles alike mistakenly use duct tape where it’s simply not up to the job. The only problem being that in most such instances, it doesn’t become clear that a mistake has been made until the rather unfortunate consequences present themselves. Suffice to say, this also tends to be a time by which it is too late to prevent further damage and expense.

So in order to prevent such eventualities and their associated consequences, here’s a brief overview of just a few instances in which duct tape does not make the grade and superior adhesive products should be used instead:

1 – Heat

First of all, it’s worth bearing in mind that to a certain extent at least, the actual name of ‘duct’ tape can be somewhat misleading. While there will always be plenty of instances where certain types of ducts and pipework can indeed be patched up using duct tape, others call for something entirely different. The reason being that when exposed to excessive heat, the adhesive coating on duct tape is softened and rendered unable to bond to the materials properly. The higher the heat, the higher the likelihood of the tape being compromised and failing. In addition, there is also the possibility in extreme circumstances of duct tape smouldering or burnings, resulting in the production of dangerous smoke and fumes. Which is precisely why duct tape isn’t actually permitted for use on ducts in certain regions.

2 – Moisture

There are two important things to bear in mind when it comes to duct tape and moisture. First of all, while duct tape may have impressive water resistant properties, it is not in fact waterproof. Which basically means that while it may offer a certain amount of protection when it comes to moisture and water, sooner or later there is every likelihood it will fail. Secondly, duct tape cannot and will not deliver a strong and reliable bond when used on materials where moisture is present. Once again, it may initially provide a bond that appears to get the job done, but will eventually begin to peel away and fail. Where moisture is a factor, higher-quality adhesive products should be considered.

3 – Temporary Repairs

One of the biggest problems with duct tape is the fact that while it is considered a product used to carry out temporary repairs, it is far from ideal in many instances. For example, when it comes to any kinds of temporary repairs including glass, plastic, wiring or anything used for display purposes, duct tape most certainly makes a convenient product for a fast patch-up. Unfortunately, it also has a habit of making a serious mess when removed, by way of the unsightly and sticky residue it leaves behind. And as anyone that has dealt with duct tape before will know, it tends to be the kind of residue that is anything but easy to remove.

4 – Uneven Surfaces

Given the fact that duct tape is both thin itself and features only a very thin adhesive layer, it is inly suitable for use on surfaces that are even and smooth. When it comes to rough and uneven surfaces like concrete, plaster, stucco and so on, duct tape may be rendered effectively useless. By contrast, a much thicker adhesive tape manufactured specifically for these kinds of surfaces would undoubtedly get the job done more effectively and efficiently.

5 – Cold

Last but not least, it is also worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of adhesive tapes cannot perform to their full potential when the temperature is excessively cold. Suffice to say, duct tape is no exception to the rule and may fail to perform if the ambient temperature or the materials to be bonded are extremely cold at the time. When it comes to carrying out any jobs in colder temperatures, it is better to go with a product that has been manufactured for purpose.

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