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Four signs your boiler needs repairs

24 Mar Posted in Family

There are some things in the house that should never be neglected when in need of repairs and the boiler is one of those things. Besides the fact that a faulty boiler will eat up fuel and money, there is also the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Thousands of people in the UK get carbon monoxide poisoning every year and those exposed to this invisible and odourless gas for a long time have lost their lives. Regular safety inspections and repair services are a must when it comes to heating systems, because of the potential dangers they pose when in poor condition.  One should also be careful when choosing gas boiler installation London services and ensure that the company installing the heating system is regulated and certified. Postponing small repairs is not advisable either, because in time those small faults can turn big and your boiler might stop working altogether. Following are the red flags that usually announce when a boiler needs repair services:

  1. You turn on the heating, but you can’t tell the difference

If your old boiler is running, but the house is not heating properly, you should think about contacting a repair engineer. A boiler that can no longer reach its full potential is wasting energy and you should fix the problem as soon as possible. Gas boiler installation and repair London specialists can help identify the problem and advise you whether your inefficient heating system is worth repairing or it needs replacing.


  1. You can no longer take a hot shower

Taking a hot shower is one of the simple pleasures in life that you should not give up under any circumstances, especially when it means that your boiler is not working as it should. One should be able to turn on the heating and take a hot shower at the same time. If the heating system does no longer have the power to heat up the house and the water, it might mean that it is high time you did some repairs or that you need a new appliance.


  1. You think the boiler might be possessed

Old boilers that have a faulty pump or a broken fan bearing make strange noises. When one of our appliances starts making sounds on their own, they are not working properly. Some components of heating systems are more prone to wear and tear, so you should check whether you can repair them or you need to replace them. If the fan or the pump stops functioning, it can affect the boiler in the long run, so you should not ignore any strange noise from you appliances, it might be a cry for help.


  1. The heating is not consistent

Boilers are designed to maintain the temperature they are set for and noticeable fluctuations in temperature are clear signs that something is not working properly. It might be a leak or a sensor going awry, there are many possible explanations for this odd behaviour. However, one thing should be clear; you should contact a specialist and have it repaired.

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