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Frequently asked questions about bug zappers

12 Nov Posted in Garden

Bug zappers have become quite popular in the past years, since numerous people understood the great benefits that come with having such a device around the house. However, there are still people who feel reluctant when it comes to browsing the online stores and looking for an insect killer, but this only happens because they have little to no knowledge about the advantages of a Stinger bug zapper. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about bug zappers that you should know about.

How do they actually work?

These bug zappers are made from high quality materials that provide them long lifespan. They are usually made from plastic, which makes the device light in terms of weight and easy to move from one place to another and they also come with a chrome plated grid, which provides extra protection. Some of these insect killers are even eco-friendly, since they get their batteries charged while sitting in the sunlight, but they also come with a charger that can be placed in an electric source. Once the device is turned on, it emits fluorescent light that attracts insects and the moment those insects reach the device, they get zapped and immediately killed.

Are they efficient at all?

Yes, they are truly efficient, since they can actually get you rid of those annoying biting insects. It is worth mentioning that these devices have a coverage area that depending on the product it can reach up to several thousand sq feet. If you want, you can even read some of the testimonials other people who already bought the product left on the providers’ webpages. Many of them who made this investment were pleased with the bug zapper they chose, so it is clear sign that it is efficient and it can actually eliminate mosquitos and other biting bugs.

Can they be used around children?

Many people are afraid of buying an electric insect killer because they believe it is quite dangerous if there are children or even pets around. Truth is these devices do not do any harm to children or pets, but only to insects. As it was previously mentioned, the bug zapper has a chrome plated grid, which offers higher level of protection and which prevents both children and pets getting too close to the fluorescent light and get electrocuted in any way. The product does not emit any radiations or bad odor, so you do not have to worry about these aspects either. However, if you want to rest assured that there are no unpleasant incidents happening, pay great attention to the instructions the manufacturer provided regarding the height and the distance from other surrounding objects at which the device should be placed.

As you can see, these are some of the most frequently asked questions people have regarding electric insect killers. In case you have decided to buy one, it is mandatory to do detailed online research and even read some accurate reviews in order to ensure you select the best product that match your needs and budget.

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