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Get original house decorations on a budget

15 Jan Posted in Family

The greatest purchase of your life will definitely be getting your own house. Once this is done, the next thing you need to do is furnish and decorate it. You may encounter several issues during the decision making process, but after you choose the large pieces of furniture, there will not be much left to do. Last but not least – accessorizing the house. Decorations play an important role of the overall aspect of your home, so you should not spare any expense on these. However, in case your budget is already shrunken, here are some ideas you can implement to avoid spending more money on accessories:

Use souvenirs from your trips

Decorating with souvenirs is the best manner through which you can get an original styling for your interior. Whether you are passionate about travelling or not, you probably have brought plenty of things from your trips. Nowadays, there are plenty of transportation means, such as cheap tickets to Asia or convenient Rome airport transfer, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of these options. What is more, you should purchase souvenirs from each location you visit, and transform your house into a proof of your seeing the world. Forget about the mainstream fridge magnets and start collecting small figurines or beautiful traditional decorations. A group of Matryoshka dolls will look amazing near a small Eiffel tower or a phone booth from London – they will show not only creativity, but also cultural diversity and open mindness. In addition to this, since you find a great utility for your souvenirs, this will also enable you to save some money.

DIY objects

You may be able to find beautiful original decorations in stores, but if you decide to start your own “do it yourself” project, you will get unique objects. Whether you are thinking about a painting made of picture collages, the headboard of the bed, small vases made of jars or shelving accessories, you can get all these without a lot of efforts and money. All you need to do is purchase some basic items you may need (such as ribbons, painting, staples, glue or glitter), and fortunately these can be found in many stores at affordable prices. Once you get these, you should watch specialised tutorials and let your imagination fly freely – you will be surprised how creative you can actually get!

Buy from an antiquity store

As any house owner, you want all the furniture and decorations in your house to be extremely qualitative. However, you may be surprised to discover that new items are not always the best choice and you can also find extremely qualitative pieces in an antiquity store. Old pieces of furniture or ornaments have a special charm, so do not hesitate to buy objects that used to have another owner. You can get a beautiful coffee table made of hardwood, bohemian lamps, traditional oriental cushions or original shiny trays for the most affordable prices. This way, you can accessorize your home in the most creative way. Forget about misconceptions and start wandering around from one shop to another – you may end up having great surprises and the most stylish and comfortable home.


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