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Great places to study abroad in the UK besides London

09 May Posted in Family

More high school students are thinking nowadays to go and study abroad after graduating from high school and one of the most popular choices is the UK. London is definitely among the favourite destinations, but it is worth mentioning that it is also expensive. There are other places in the UK where you could go and study to a good university or college and where you could find proper student accommodation Oxford University for your study years, so here is a list of other amazing places in the UK worth going.

Leeds, England – learn how to party

Any 20-something British will agree that Leeds is the core of party in that region, since the town is quite famous for its incredible nightlife and drink deals. There are numerous bars and pubs where you can have the time of your life. However, education is not ignored at all, since there are very good teachers willing to teach you the secrets of the subject you are most interested in. What is more, the town has an international airport, bus and train stations in the Northern city, which makes it quite accessible.

St. Andrews, Scotland – learn more about the royals

This Scottish School has increased its popularity rate recently as being the place where Price William and Kate Middleton met. It is a very good university that not only royals choose, but also famous names in politics, literature, entertainment and so on. St. Andrews not only has a reputable university, but also some stunning Scottish landscapes that will make you fall in love with the town the very first moment. The history of the town is only another thing that adds to its beauty.

Oxford, England – where students get their nerds on

Oxford is known worldwide as being among the top five best universities in the world, so if you want to benefit from the highest level of education, this is the place to come and study. Oxford has always been in competition with Cambridge, another very popular choice among students, on every level of education. However, there are some aspects at which Oxford clearly exceeds Cambridge and one of them is that Oxford is the Harry Potter film location. If you want to feel just like students from the well-known film series or like an “Alice in Wonderland” while studying your favourite subject, this part of England is the perfect choice for you.

Belfast, Ireland – a place of myth and magic

Last but not least, if you want to explore a land wrapped in mystery and if you want to learn the most popular myths of this country while studying abroad, then you should definitely resort to Belfast, Ireland. This region is famous for its mesmerising landscapes. Bonus tip: do not forget to bring your camera with you and take some amazing photos here. Besides these aspects, Belfast is also the place where some of the scenes of the famous Game of Thrones TV series were shot. If you want to see Castle Black, or Winterfell, this city is the must-go place for you.

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