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Halloween Decor Ideas

20 Oct Posted in Garden, Home Interior

Halloween is a festivity celebrated on 31st of October that originally served for celebrating all the saints, but has suffered many transformations, becoming a festivity dedicated to the dead. On this day people dress up and organize parades and carnivals. Children dressed up in witches, mummies, zombies or movie characters go from house to house asking for candy. Everyone comes up with different Halloween decor ideas to make their house look as spooky and frightening as possible.

The pumpkin is the symbol of Halloween

On Halloween night, people select a costume they will wear, inspired from the horror movies, and decorate their houses to make them look like witch houses or cemeteries. The most common decorations are spiders, bats, spider webs placed in the corners, skeletons hanging from the roof and the famous carved pumpkin. The custom of carving pumpkins comes from the legend of Jack, a drunk man who manages to play a trick on the Devil and makes him swear he won’t take his soul the day he will die. When that day comes, Jack remains trapped between heaven and hell, helplessly wandering with a lantern given by the devil to light his way. Nowadays, people carve pumpkins the night of Halloween to keep the evil spirits away from their houses. The pumpkins are carved with angry faces and evil eyes, and people put candles inside them and place them around the house to create a sinister decor.

The scarier the decor, the better

An excellent Halloween decor idea is to turn your house into a witch house. All you need is a black cauldron, plastic spiders and bats hanged from the ceiling, some sheets turned into ghosts and you can even adopt a black cat to strengthen the idea of witchcraft. Some spooky sounds on the background should complete the scene. You can turn an ordinary jar into a mummy by wrapping it in gauze and inserting a candle inside it to make it look scary. If you want to terrify your friends the moment they knock on your door, fill a pair of socks with cotton and put a pair of shoes on them. Then place them near the doormat, to give the impression that it hides a pair of cut off legs. Scary, right?

A fantastic Halloween decor idea for your front yard is to turn it into a cemetery. You can dig a few holes or simply create some piles of dirt and manufacture some tomb stones out of cardboard. You can complete the terrifying landscape with skeleton hands coming out of the tombs.

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