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Here’s what you should know about hypnotherapy

25 Apr Posted in Family


For many people, hypnotherapy is just a form of entertainment that people with certain skills use in various TV shows to increase the number of viewers, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. There are studies that show that hypnotherapy comes with a series of great advantages, especially related to individual’s health. There are certain aspects worth mentioning about this subject before attending the first hypnotherapy Birmingham session and you can read about them below in this article.


Hypnotherapy is different from what you see on TV

Yes, there are stage shows that involve hypnosis and everything that happens on that stage is actually real. However, hypnosis is used there only as a form of entertainment, as it was briefly mentioned above. In reality, hypnotherapy is more than this and can have beneficial results over someone’s body and mental health, in the sense that it can help people get rid of bad habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking.

There are no such things as hypnotherapy miracles

Before you attend your first hypnotherapy session, it is important to know that no change will happen overnight. Sure, this form of therapy can help you get rid of certain bad habits or mental issues such as depression for instance, but it requires for you to attend several sessions in order to obtain the desired results. Many people believe that one session only will cure them of everything and will get rid of all of their problems, but in order for hypnotherapy to work effectively, they need to go to several sessions.

Everyone can be hypnotised, but only if they want to

One crucial thing to remember is that hypnosis is a willing state, which means that you can be hypnotised only if you want to. Working with a hypnotherapist should be a two-way process, as the specialist is unable of helping you with any of your issues if you do not allow them to “get inside your mind”, so to speak. It is essential you resort to a hypnotherapist that has vast knowledge and experience in this field to obtain the desired results.

Hypnosis does not equal sleeping

Many people make this confusion before they attend their first therapy session. They are of the opinion that hypnotherapy is some form of sleeping, but the truth is hypnosis will only put the body in a deeply relaxed state, while the mind is still alert. You are still able to hear everything around you.