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Hiring mistakes that employers are likely to make

21 Jan Posted in Garden

In the food technology industry, hiring is one of the constant concerns due to the fact that it is hard to find people able to make systematic investigations of food properties and compositions. Even though hiring mangers want to ensure that the candidates are able to handle the stress and the requirements of the job, they usually end up making mistakes. Every new hire comes with a set of risks, reason why making mistakes in only natural. Since the success of the business lies in your hands, it is vital to avoid making confusions because they will cost your business. As long as you avoid making the following mistakes, you will surely find the absolute best food technology jobs candidates.

Not having specific job requirements

You cannot determine if the candidate meets the qualifications of a specific position if you do not know what those qualifications are. More precisely, you should think what skills the candidates should have, meaning experience or a particular skill. A hiring score board will come in very handy when you are interviewing candidates. Mention both job requirements and the personal characteristics that you desire. When you make your list, include responsibilities, knowledge and talent. You will see in time that having a clear image of what you want will make it easier to identify the skills in the candidate. Equally important is that you should not hire applicants based exclusively on experience and skills. Candidates may have issues like dishonesty or inconsistency, reason why determining the character is important as well.

Not hiring the number that you actually need

In industries such as food technology, the chances are that you will deal with great numbers of turnovers. For this reason and many others you should always hire about 20% more staff that you initially need because you never know when you may need the extra help. You will need a lot of people to administer various tests, like food colour or nutritional value. Even if sometimes you may be short on labour force, avoid employing family members. Just because you have a relationship with the person, this does not mean that he or she is qualified for the job.

Judging at face value

While some employees may seem the perfect choice on paper, in reality they can turn out to be a real disaster. Instead of perceiving employees in terms of like or dislike, you should make sure to perform an assessment of the candidate’s skills. The only way to differentiate candidates is to have a little discussion and to do some testing. The main point is that you should not stop at first impressions and make a judgement based on comprehensive assessments. When you like someone from the very beginning, try to thinks about reasons why he is not good for the job.

Hiring mistakes will not only cost you the organisation’s time, but also resources. If the new hire does not work out then your company will lose a lot of money as well. So, make sure to avoid making blunders.

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