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Hot wedding photography trends you should know

22 May Posted in Family

While it is understandable why you want on your side a photographer that is both highly experienced and has the right equipment such as, you will want to have trendy pictures. The only problem is that if you base your entire photo shoot on trends, everyone will be able to date your wedding. However, there are a few current trends that will still look awesome in 30 years when your children will get married.


The proposal photos

Grooms who have the inspiration to hire a photographer to shoot their proposal will have some memories that will be amazing over the years. This shooting will have to be carefully planned, especially if the proposal is a surprise, but it is definitely a growing trend that results in some amazing photos. When you and your spouse look at those pictures over the years, you will notice the emotions on your faces and remember those beautiful times. At first, you might want to take these pictures yourself, but hiring a fotograf Craiova leads to better results and you will definitely not regret paying the extra price when you look at your album years later.


Bridal portraits


Many brides these days actually schedule a photo session of themselves before the actual wedding day or they schedule the necessary time for that session during their wedding day. Considering the effort put into choosing the dress, the hairstyle and the makeup, it is only fitting that the final result is properly documented.


Backlit photos

When a photographer uses natural light behind the couple when taking their photos, they will have a romantic look. However, these photographs can only be achieved when the sun is rising or setting, as that is when the light is soft and dresses the couple beautifully. It is basically the perfect setting, as it will flatter the couple and create an almost magical effect.


Stop-motion wedding photo film

This is a kind of wedding trailer made from still photos that have been animated using a song of your choice. The result is very nice and this is the type of thing that never really gets old. You will look on your video and enjoy it every time and the short video is great for your Facebook wall and sharing it with your friends and family.


Overhead shots

Overhead shots mean that your photographer will go to a higher point and catch you and your loved one from above. This is a great way to capture the spirit of the ceremony and take some incredible shots that will look amazing in your photo album. You can take some aerial shots of just the two of your or include your guests as well, the result is bound to be amazing.


Selfie shots

Selfies are definitely a major trend these days and you should take the time to take at least a couple of them. These will all spontaneity and charm to the entire event and make everything more fun.


When you take into account these trends, you are bound to have amazing wedding photos that will bring a smile on your face every time you look at them. This is what can make the difference between a special event and just another wedding that everyone will forget about.


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