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How oral health reflects your overall condition  

22 Aug Posted in Uncategorized

Dental care is important for maintaining both your teeth and gums healthy. At present, dental professionals can be found online at so that you won’t have search hard. However, as people get older they start to neglect dental hygiene and often end up suffering from unpleasant complications such as dry mouth and even missing teeth. The importance of brushing your teeth is clearly undervalued and many are not aware of the fact that in time teeth require more attention rather than less because teeth and gums become weaker in time. Besides this, oral health can hide other issues that you might not have been aware of and that can be prevented by taking regular visits to the dentist.

The mouth-body connection

The mouth is full of all sorts of bacteria, just like any other part of the body. Generally, the body’s natural defense system keeps the under control but this is not sufficient. A proper oral hygiene requires brushing your teeth and flossing on a daily basis. The bacteria in the mouth become dangerous only when they reach certain levels. This usually happens in the absence of oral hygiene and you risk developing oral infections. The bacteria expand on the teeth and the gums become inflamed because the immune system attacks the gums as well. Medical studies have also pointed out that diseases such as AIDS cause oral health complications because they lower the body’s resistance. However, the most visible connection is that between periodontitis and diabetes. The inflammation from the mouth affects the body’s capacity to control the blood sugar levels.

How to protect your teeth

In order to prevent such complications it is necessary to develop a regular maintenance routine. This includes brushing your teeth as often as possible and of course flossing and rinsing. Contrary to popular belief, adults need to pay attention to oral hygiene just as much as children have to because in time teeth and gums become weaker. Dental care is not limited only to hygiene and you have to change your eating and drinking habits. Soda is not only unhealthy, but it is the number one enemy of your teeth. Phosphoric and citric acids literally eat the surface of the tooth, in other words the enamel, and thus make them prone to cavities. A can of soda does not cause much damage if consumed rarely, it is better to kick this habit altogether. Other factors that can potentially harm your teeth are sugar and smoking. While sugar increases the acidity in the mouth, smoking causes unaesthetic yellow stains.

Dental visits

It has been estimated that around 50% of people refuse to go to the dentist either out of fear or because they simply neglect to do so. Regular visits to the dentist’s office can help you avoid complications like gum disease and even cancer. A regular visit implies two stages: the check-up and the cleaning. During the check-up, the dental professional looks for cavities and plaque. Plaque in particular cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth. Next, the gums are inspected to see if there are any spaces. If you have plaque or tartar on your teeth, then dentist will remove them with professional tools.

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