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How to add some personality to your house

10 Nov Posted in Home Interior

Even if it is often a fun activity, decorating a room in order to transform it into a comfortable, welcoming and personal space can sometimes become a troublesome process. The ideal room is the perfect combination between functionality and style: a place that allows you to relax properly, work if you have to and enjoy the time spent with the guests, once in a while. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of suggestions inspiration sources that you can use to decorate or even remake your home. Although the success of an interior design depends on many elements, one of the most important is definitely the extent to which it represents your personality. For this reason, you have to make sure that not only the choices you make, but also the final result, reflect you in one way or another. For a successful combination, you will have to understand the current tendencies and use multiple colours, patterns and textures.

Decide upon the mood of the room

The mood of the room is not necessarily something palpable; it is actually represented by the general atmosphere and the feeling you get as soon as you step inside the room. In case you are a serious, traditionalist person, your house should reflect this feature of your personality, while if you are always energetic and joyful, you should choose some representative items. On the one hand, a leather sofa, for instance, seems to be the best option for a traditional design. On the other hand, if you want to obtain a modern, contemporary result, you should go for a fabric sofa, in bright colours. Remember that the couch is the focal point of the living room, so make sure you choose it wisely. Deciding the overall mood of the rooms will also help you make other choices, because it will be easier for you to match the objects.


Add texture and colour

Do not be afraid to make bold choices, because these will add some refinement and personality to your house. The latest trends in interior design are dominated by strong colours, so dare to make a statement by painting a wall in your favourite shade, even if it is red, royal blue or bright green. In addition to this, you can also add some texture by combining several materials, such as leather, wicker, silk, wood and even stone. A silk curtain will look amazing next to a leather lounge and a stoned fireplace – try the most eccentric combinations and everyone will be surprized by the results.


Place personal stuff all around the house

The home should be an extension of you, which means that it has to be sprinkled with your personality. Fortunately, you can place representative elements in any room: if you feel creative (and courageous), you should paint something on the walls, while if you are good at crafting, start some DIY projects. If you are passionate about travelling, you can add souvenirs from your trips as decorative elements and also use some vintage suitcases as drawers. Pictures should not miss, so make sure you frame your favourites and arrange them around the house.

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