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How to Choose a Dishwasher that Perfectly Integrates Your Kitchen Design

10 Jan Posted in Home Interior, Kitchen

Once you finished decorating the kitchen, you will have to look for appliances that match the design of your kitchen, including the helpful dishwasher. If you are in the market for a new dishwasher, you should read the best dishwasher 2016 reviews. When reading reviews, you must focus on the dishwasher’s efficiency, but you must also consider how well it will integrate your kitchen. There is a model that suits any kitchen size and theme and you can easily find the one for you if you follow the steps presented below.

What type of dishwasher can you choose?

This selection is based on the space you have available and the way you placed your furniture and it offers you a set of options that includes large dishwashers like a built-in one, a standard, or a portable, and smaller versions like a drawer, a countertop or an in- sink dishwasher. The standard version is the most common and comes in the widest range that matches most of the kitchen designs. In case you have incorporated most of your appliances into the kitchen cabinets, you can do the same with the dishwasher and opt for the built-in version. The portable one can be moved from place to place while the countertop sits near your other counter appliances. As for the drawer dishwasher, it takes a drawer from your kitchen furniture and the in-sink one is installed near the sink in order to save space.

The styles you have available

The most common style people prefer when it comes to dishwashers is the classic one that doesn’t stand out too much and matches classic kitchens. However, with all the emerging kitchen interior designs, the manufacturers have started offering a wide range of dishwashers that match either the futuristic design, the retro, or the vintage. You can now choose a model that matches the style of your furniture and you also have a complete range of matching appliances to opt for.

Pay attention to the design details

When it comes to choosing the colors, there are plenty of options available, starting with the classic white and all the way to the stylish stainless steel, the sleek black or the vibrant colors like red, blue, green, or brown. While color is the most important aspect when it comes to matching the dishwasher to the rest of your kitchen, there are also other details that must be considered. Finishing details like chrome insertions and handles are essential and can completely ruin the overall design if they don’t match. Avoid a dishwasher with a high-tech LCD panel in a retro kitchen, as well as you shouldn’t opt for a classic white model in a very modern kitchen.

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