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How To Create The Ultimate Royal Bedroom

03 Nov Posted in Home Interior

A classic interior design is always fashionable and can constantly be reinterpreted. The opulence and Baroque influences make their presence felt through golden embroideries and mate and thick fabrics, in tones of bordeaux, that reminiscent the 18th century boudoir. A royal bedroom design is the perfect choice it you want to obtain a personal space that is gorgeous and private at the same time.
As the name itself suggests, this style is characterized by royalty, richness, opulence and elegance. People that choose a royal bedroom design are usually the kind that enjoy luxury and high quality items.

Elegance involves the furnishing

Royal bedrooms consist in many pieces of furniture, being not only sleeping areas, but also places where you relax and spend a large amount of time. Besides the bed, a royal bedroom also requires a velvety sofa or an armchair, a big hand sculptured chest, a dresser with drawers and a big mirror, nightstands at both sides of the bed and a big armoire, which is a closet with many doors. The materials used in manufacturing the furniture are solid wood and precious metals, which are manually crafted and sculptured.

King size bed

This particular name is specific for the royal bed. A canopy bed with diaphanous curtains, in white or a shade that is identical to another element in the bedroom like the window drapes or pillows, is the main attraction in a royal bedroom. The bed usually has a large headbord that is either sculpted or upholstered in leather or velvet and is covered in big soft goose feather filled pillows. The bed is made of wood which can be white or dark colored and can have gold foil applied. Because sleep is very important, the mattress must be of the highest quality,usually composed of springs and foam, very tall, flexible and airy, in order to live up to the bedroom.

Use precious fabrics

One of the items that give a royal bedroom its refinement is the type of fabric used in upholstery and decorations. You can use silk and lace to adorn the canopy, velvet and cloth for the sofa and armchairs, and precious cotton curtains with Baroque or Moroccan prints, embroidered borders and large tassels. The colors of the fabrics are usually imperial and noble, varying from gold or silver to royal blue, velvety red, ivory, and scarlet.

Choose opulent lighting

The lighting items must also be elegant and refined. Opt for an imposing, crafted crystal chandelier for the ceiling and add a touch of light in the corners by using nightstand lamps with silky lampshades.

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