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How to deal with long distance removals

12 Jun Posted in Family

Moving out can be a financially and emotionally challenging process even when your new home is still in the same town, so it goes without saying that things become more complicated when you are relocating to a different country. Whether you are changing your company’s offices or just building a new home with your family, you need to be very meticulous about the entire process. Unlike short distance removals, removals to Portugal from UK take more time and should be externalised to professional companies that have the vehicles and staff to deal with them efficiency. Here are some tips that can help you move out faster and without complications.


Less stress when removing large objects

Things are quite straightforward when the distance between your old location and the new one is just a few miles. Most of the time, you resort to your friends and family and with a few trips you manage to transport the objects from point A to point B. It might involve a few stressful trips and a lot of weight carrying, but things work out in the end. However, things are much more stressful when you have to move all the way to another country and you need to transport heavy furniture or equipment. Unless you have unlimited funds at your disposal, you cannot afford to drive a distance of 1100 miles from London to Lisbon, nor the vehicles to do this in only one trip. To make things easier, contact a company that’s experienced in international removal services.


The importance of removal equipment


When transporting goods, equipment is essential. On the one hand, there are removal vehicles, which need to be large enough to carry heavy objects safely. In addition, these vehicles have to comply not only with UK legislation, but also with Portuguese legislation. Everything needs to be stored in special boxes to prevent damage. On the other hand, there is the tracking equipment. When distances are so large, you need to be kept up to date on the progress and know exactly where your personal or corporate belongings are, every minute of every day. Avoid hiring a company that does not offer a guarantee for the safety of your goods.


Checking the legislation


Legislation is not something that you would normally think of when moving to another country, but you have to consider it to make sure everything goes according to plan. As mentioned previously, some countries have different laws on the height and weight of the vehicles or the objects that are allowed to cross the border. This is not a huge problem for individuals, but, as a business, you might be exposed to stricter regulations. International removal companies are part of global networks and have foreign contacts, so they are permanently updated with local legislation. They also help you deal with custom forms and other forms of documentation that need to be filled in.

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