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How to Decorate a Nursery

19 Jul Posted in Home Interior

A baby is a beautiful and important part of the family. The news about a newborn’s arrival is always a reason for joy and happiness, but also the start of various changes in the house. The new parents are ready to do anything for their baby, and creating his bedroom is the first step. There are some baby steps you must take if you want to know how to decorate a nursery.

Safety and comfort before all

The nursery room is a room dedicated to the caring of a child. Ideally, the cabinets should be suspended on the walls instead of placed on the floor, for safety reasons. Before fitting the room, you should secure the sockets and door frames and put a specially designed foam material at each corner of the room. You should choose short curtains and avoid placing the baby crib near them. When you think about how to decorate a nursery, you must consider getting a humidifier, to help you keep a healthy level of humidity in the air, because babies are fragile and sensitive and you must make sure they breathe well.

Select useful pieces of furniture

The furniture for the nursery should be comfortable for both the baby and the mother and could include a rocking chair for the mother to sit in with the baby on her arms. The baby crib is the essential piece of furniture. In this crib the baby will spend most of his time, so you should choose a comfortable and durable one. A bed with wood grates is perfect because the baby can lean on them when he tries to stand up. To maximize the bed’s value, you can opt for a model that later on can be transformed in a toddler bed or you can turn it upside down and make a desk for a bigger child.
Besides the crib, another useful item in the nursery is the changer, which is a chest with drawers that has a changing mattress on top, to allow the parents to change the baby’s diaper. In the drawers the parents can keep the diapers, the baby’s clothes, the body cream and other personal use items for the baby. The closets are also very important, because you will need storage space for the clothes and the toys.

Stimulate the baby’s senses using colors

When you think about how to decorate a nursery, you have to think about the colors you will use. Depending on the baby’s gender, don’t resume to pink and blue, but create combinations of colors that will sooth and relax the baby to help him sleep well, but also combinations that will train his imagination and attention. Colorful objects like a string of toys hanging from the lamp will get his attention and make him focus on shapes and colors.

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