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How to guide: renting as a student

06 Sep Posted in Family

When it comes to moving to college, renting might be one of the hardest parts. Should you go for a room in campus or should you rent off campus? Many think that off campus locations are best, although they must be quite close to the University’s buildings in order to manage to reach your courses on time. If you find yourself in the situation of deciding over a new house or apartment, you can go on and Google search “Student housing Newcastle”, for example, and see what your options are.  However, if you want to make sure you make the best decision, we have some important guidelines you should follow.

1. Rent from an agency specialized in student housing and renting

You might be tempted to go for a letting agency, but they are not always able to find a location that is close to the Uni, not to mention their charges and fees. In order to find a proper location for your needs, you should go for an agency that only finds rentals for students. They are aware of all the necessities a student has, from the number of bedrooms the location must have, to appliances and furniture. Most of the times, a specialized agency will take small deposits. They are aware that living away from home is financially challenging for you and your family as well. Locations rented from letting agencies are oftentimes poorly maintained and might not have all you need. A desk, for example. If you rent from pros, it is more likely to find a secure location with alarms and surveillance. Moreover, if you need internet connection or have special requirements, those agencies will be happy to make your accommodation easier and your college time more pleasant.

2. Make sure you will be able to pay the fees on time

Although you will not have to interact with a landlord, you will have to pay your monthly charges on time. The agency has modicum charges and you want to maintain a healthy relationship with them. Try to pay on time and make sure you develop constructive ties with them. Who knows when you are going to need a plumber or someone to handle your electric installation? They are able to provide all the services you are going to need. Therefore, you should try to be respectful.

3. Try to maintain the location at their standards

We know that you enjoyed it when you saw all the well-maintained furniture and appliances. During you rental, try to maintain just as the agency handed them. Eventually, you will have to pay for the damages. Furthermore, you should try to keep the house clean. Have a weekly sweep and dust and you should be just fine.

Although renting as a student can be stressful and the accommodation to a new location a bit hard, there are services available on the market in order to make the process a lot more easier for you. If you plan to move to college, do not hesitate to do some research on the topic.

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