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How to maintain your garbage disposal

19 Jun Posted in Kitchen


Most people cannot live without a garbage disposal and it is really not hard to understand why. The waste disposal unit creates cleaner conditions for the home and gets rid of smelly odors. When you remodel your kitchen, you should better make sure to install a garbage disposal. But which one? There are so many options out there that making a choice seems almost impossible. To be sure that you choose the right disposal unit for you, visit and read the reviews listed there. It is important to take very good care of your garbage disposal. Despite the fact that a garbage disposal is designed to last for many years, it does need tender loving care to run efficiently. No matter if you are a short time garbage disposal user or a long time garbage disposal user, use the following tips.

Keep your garbage disposal clean  

Even the best garbage disposals need to be cleaned every now and then. Just as you clean your dishes, clean your waste disposal unit. All you need to clean the device under the kitchen sink is ice and salt. Regular cleaning with ice and salt helps the appliance run more efficiently. You may be curious why exactly ice and salt. The answer is simple. Ice breaks up the grease that has accumulated, while water cleans the entire unit. Of course, garbage disposals use water to help grind the food into small pieces, but food scraps can still remain behind.

Remove garbage disposal obstructions

The garbage disposal will get clogged if you do not make sure to remove obstructions that have fallen down. Before attempting anything, you should turn off the appliance. The last thing you want is an accident.  To remove obstructions you can use a set of kitchen tongs, but you can also use needle nose pliers. No matter what you do, do not use your bare hands. What could possibly happen? Well, the waste disposal unit can turn on ( it has happened) and hurt you. If you do not want to lose one of your fingers, do not use your bare hands.

Do not throw hard things into the garbage disposal

Garbage Disposals are so powerful that they can shred food waste into small pieces, but they do have their limitations. It is not recommendable to throw hard things, like bones, into the garbage disposal. The device will not be able to handle such hard waste. If your kitchen appliance gets jammed, it will no longer work. When it comes to getting rid of strong vegetables or bones, you should use the trash can. Do not test the waste disposal unit’s capacities.

Keep the garbage disposal smelling fresh

The garbage disposal keeps your home odor-free, but who does the same for it? You. Use soap and cold water to keep a garbage disposal smelling fresh. If you want the kitchen to smell nice all the time, use peels from citrus fruit. This is all the scent you need. The peel will also clear away the remaining food waste.