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How to properly transport furniture

17 Mar Posted in Home Interior

Transporting pieces of furniture requires detailed planning and special care, in order to ensure a secure transfer and not ruin the products during the journey. If you are planning to send or receive oversized or antique pieces, there are additional conditions to fulfill, because the products can be easily be damaged. For large cargos, there are specialized forwarding companies which can facilitate all the processes for you and take care of your goods, such as These have plenty of partnerships in all the big cities around the world, and can transport various products, regardless of the size, volume or weight of your items. If you are planning to order furniture online, you should inform yourself about the shipping possibilities. It is possible to receive the pieces in good state, even if you may have to pay more than if you had ordered from your own country, but most of the times the investment is worth it, since there are some items which can be found remotely, and you should take advantage as soon as you find them.

In case you are planning to order something overseas, most probably the products will be sharing transportation with other items, in a sea container, often known as LCL (Less than Container Load). If your furniture will be delivered through this method, you should know that it will be handled multiple times, which is why it will be most probably placed in large crates – wooden boxes normally used for storing and moving goods. Generally, the companies where you order from provide good offers as far as transportation is concerned, because they have partnerships with various forwarding networks. But if they do not, you will have to manage this by your own. In order to compare and contrast your transportation possibilities, inform yourself and read as many reviews as possible. After evaluating all the individual transporters or forwarding companies, decide upon the option that is the most suitable for you, in terms of location, prices and also terms and conditions. Furthermore, read carefully the returning or transportation damage conditions, for the unfortunate case in which your pieces of furniture suffer any harm on the road to your place. There have been many cases in which transfer firms have failed to offer the services they signed up for, so better prevent than cure distribution problems.


If you want to get the best prices on the market, you should consider comparing freight through an airline and sea freight. While airfreight may cost you more money, you will definitely receive your products faster and in a convenient manner, especially if you have ordered small and fragile pieces. However, no matter what you choose in the end, keep in mind that transporting furniture internationally is a delicate task, and for this reason you should consult a specialist and consider collaborating with a reputable freight forwarder. They will not deliver the items for you, but they will present you their offers, transport partners and advise you as far as the most secure options are concerned.


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