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How to remove delicate pieces of furniture?

02 Jun Posted in Family

Moving from one house to another is always a burden, and if you happen to own delicate pieces of furniture or decorations, you will have to be a bit more careful than usually. Taking into consideration that relocation is a dynamic process, it is likely to have some objects ruined or lost, unless you plan everything diligently. You must be very organized as far as the removal is concerned, create a timeframe and make sure that you pack the things you need less first. If you have fragile objects or precious furniture that may suffer any damage during the transfer, you should take some extra cautions, and everything will go smoothly. Here are the things you can do in order to avoid damages and have all your old stuff in your new home.


Collaborate with a professional company

There are plenty of removal companies offering all sorts of services and if you choose a reputable one, there will be no reason to worry about. Inform yourself and decide upon a service provider: while some are willing to help you during the whole process (from the moment you pack until you unpack), other will only offer you transportation, and the prices are according to the complexity of their services. The experienced employees will know how to handle your staff and you can be sure that these will arrive at the destination in perfect state. In addition to this, the company will have various transportation vehicles, spacious enough to carry your furniture only from one go.

Pack everything carefully

You will have to wrap the small objects in wrapping bubble and place then near the large objects they belong with, in order to be easily found the moment you unpack. The most fragile items have to be wrapped in thick cloths, such as towels, and remember to pack everything separately and put it in boxes or even crates.  This will prevent the things from damaging on another, during the storage and transportations. However, label each box and remember where you put the breakable things, unless you want to have them ruined when you unpack. Use these simple tricks and you will see how the results will be safe and all your decorations will reach the new location in perfect state. Do no forget to cover the sharp edges (chair legs or table’s corners), to avoid them scratching other pieces of furniture.


Use more than one protection layer

It is already clear that the exterior layer has to be strong and unbreakable, in order to resist to external pressures and forces. The interior layer, on the other hand, must be soft and adaptable, because it has to cushion the impact. Both these layers are equally important, because they work together to keep your furniture and decorations safe. Make sure you use thin yet resistant wrapping materials, because otherwise only few items will occupy a lot of space. In case you cannot afford special wrapping fabrics, you can always use materials you have around the house, from clothes to socks, newspapers or magazines.

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