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How to use things you have around the house as Christmas decorations

24 Mar Posted in Home Interior

Undoubtedly, Christmas is the most joyful time of the year. People regardless their age await for winter holidays very excited, and they would do anything to make those times last longer. For this reason, as soon as December starts, families all over the world start decorating their homes using traditional decorations. Annually, the market is invaded by new ornaments that people buy, hoping to create a unique décor in their houses, while also making a cosy and pleasant atmosphere for their family and dear ones. There are a lot of items available in stores, from the most glamorous to the most rustic ones, and all you have to do is pay a visit and choose whatever suits you and your interior better. In case you are very creative, and you want to save the money spent on decorations for the gifts, you can try some DIY projects and craft your own adornments. All you have to do is be courageous, use anything you have around the house and you consider useful, and purchase some other affordable materials which can be easily found on the market or in online stores. Homemade decorations are extremely attractive and nice, and if you succeed in your project, everybody will be amazed by your skills and innovation.

You can transform your project into a family activity and in order to increase their interest in decorating the house, you can create an event calendar. Whether you use an existing one, or you improvise something especially for holidays, let everyone know that days go by and that Christmas time is closer and closer. Meanwhile, order all the materials you need, buy ribbons for Christmas and other fabrics, and watch some tutorials, because you are the one who will also teach others, in case they want to get involved. Opt for nonconventional decorations, such as a festive wreath made of ribbons and bows: all you have to do is make a circle and stick together small bows. This simple yet original idea will amaze everyone, especially since it will be placed on the entrance door, to let people know how much you love the season and how creative you can be. To add an elegant touch to the interior, you could wrap some bows around the chairs, and in case you think these are too formal, add also some Christmas ornaments: small snowmen, shinny balls, stockings and anything you find around the house. If you do not have any of these, use some pinecones which are easy to purchase by a simple walk in the park. Make a mixture of glue water, and some glitter which you can apply on the cones, to make them look more festive.

In addition to this, to the delight of your family, place trays with sweets and trades all over the house, or simply hide them in unexpected place – finding them will definitely bring a smile on anyone’s face. Since Christmas is the season for giving and receiving presents, bet these are bought only with few days in advance, you can turn small pillows into gifts: just wrap around shinny ribbon, and you will achieve an innovative and joyful decoration for your house.

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