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Humidifiers That Will Match Your French Shabby Chic Furniture While Also Protecting it

19 Aug Posted in Home Interior

The shabby chic style is a type of interior design inspired from the French culture that includes both pieces of furniture that show their age and signs of wear, and new items that are made to look old and wasted. This style is described by old fashion elegance, timeless pieces that preserve their charm and particularity.
The shabby chic french furniture is mostly made of wood that is rubbed and sanded at the edges to make the paint look worn out. The fabrics used are soft, loose and ethereal, like silk, lace and linen, with floral motifs or embroidery, and the typical colors of this style are white, pink, light blue, beige or green.

Shabby chic french furniture maintenance

Due to the fact that both furniture and fabrics are old, or processed to look old, they are very demanding and require lots of caring. You must clean them with great care, using products that are specially designed for vintage furniture, to prevent the wood from whitening and degrading.

How can humidifiers protect your furniture

The shabby chic french furniture is prone to rott and develop mold, so you must pay attention to the area where you place it. The air must be humid, so the wood doesn’t crack, so you can buy a humidifier to create the proper ambiance. Humidifiers turn out to be of great help in maintaining the beautiful aspect of your shabby chic furniture, because they help maintain a good level of humidity in the air, so your furniture can remain moist and protected. They also keep fabrics from developing bad odors caused by dried air. However, some humidifiers have bulky designs that can clash with the style of the shabby chic furniture. Visit the best humidifier reviews site in order to find a wide variety of humidifier designs.

Elegance meets utility

Shabby chic style is by definition, a classy and stylish interior design style, so the decorations you choose have to be the same. Today’s modern humidifiers are stylish, pretty and you have plenty of colors to choose from, so that you can match the shabby chic color palette. Whether you opt for a white one, or pastel pink or blue, make sure your humidifier is the perfect one to give your room that french elegance air. That way you keep your furniture moist and at the same time you add a piece of decoration to the room. If you wish to find humidifiers with a shabby chic decor, visit the best humidifier reviews site.

French perfumes

Everybody knows the french are famous for their fragrances. You can bring flavors of lavender, myrtle, roses or mimosa to the room decorated with shabby chic french furniture if you choose a humidifier that uses essential oil to diffuse discreet perfume.

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