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Importance of re-insulating your Aga cooker

09 Jul Posted in Kitchen

If you are insulating your entire home, you should insulate your Aga oven as well. While the modern cooker is very convenient when it comes to energy efficiency and cooking quality, its insulation may need to be replaced from time to time. Insulation is one of the most important parts of your oven, playing a key role with regards to safety and performance. Since the oven is at the centre of your life, you should not neglect re-insulating your cooker as soon as possible. It cannot be stated enough how important insulation is for your stove. Re-insulating is not as extreme as replacing the oven and you have assurance that companies such as London Cooker will keep your oven working for years to come.

Cases when your stove needs new insulation

You may be surprised to find out that stove insulation is a problem that comes up fairly frequently. Aga stove insulation can get ruined for a number of reasons. For instance, mice, rats and insects can find their way into the insulation and completely destroy it. If you detect a stench when you turn on the oven then you should immediately investigate the cause. Once damaged the Aga insulation will need to be replaced. The fresh insulation will not only have a pleasant odour, but it will also last longer. Your stove can be equally affected by water, heat loss as well as spills. To put your stove into good condition, you should regularly replace the insulation altogether.

Why cooker insulation is so important?

Aga Cooker insulation is important for a number of reasons. First of all, you have to keep in mind that the heat your oven produces leaves burns on the outside. The exterior will warm up so much that it will inevitably cause burns when touched. Should the insulation break down, your heater will lose heat as well. Insulation will keep the heat inside and make the oven cooler on the outside. Basically, the heat will be kept where it is needed the most. Equally important is that stove insulation protects you against fire. There have been reported cases of fire started due to lack of insulation, so if you cherish your health, you should ensure that your oven is closed off.

Genuine Aga cooker insulation

If you have been neglecting re-insulating your Aga cooker, then you should take action to make sure that your stove has genuine insulation, hire a company specialised in Aga cooker restoration. Renovation companies make use of numerous insulating materials. You can rest assured that the insulation material will not break in time and that your stove will be energy-efficient once more. Some even repack the heater, thus giving it another life. If you want to benefit from high-performance insulating services, you should be careful when you select a renovation company.

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