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Important Features that Make Your Sauna Very Efficient

28 Aug Posted in Home Interior

No sauna is as efficient as another and it doesn’t work on your body the same way, although they use the same working mode. What makes them different are the features they include, which increase the quality of the sauna experience. The following features are the most important ones that turn your at home sauna into a comfortable and efficient one.

The type of wood it’s made of

Home saunas are made of wood that must be a very quality one that keeps the heat and moisture inside the sauna. Canadian Hemlock wood is the best type used in building the best saunas that last through time and offer a quality sauna experience. Although the temperatures inside the sauna get very high, the strong Hemlock wood ensures a good insulation and heat expansion that prevent any risk of accident or improper functioning.

The type of heater it uses

There are traditional saunas and carbon infrared saunas and the difference consists in the type of heater they use. Some people prefer the traditional saunas that create heat using an electric heater placed inside a wood enclosure and offer you the possibility to create steam with hot rocks and water. For those who don’t like the steam created inside traditional saunas, there are the infrared saunas that contain carbon infrared heaters that emit infrared light. This penetrates the skin better than the heat created in the traditional saunas, thus they are more efficient in offering health benefits.

The control panel

Being able to control the ambiance in your at home sauna increases the level of comfort and allows you to select the desired temperature that you will enjoy. Most saunas include a control panel that lets you select the duration of the sauna session and the level of heat you will use in order to achieve a relaxing and pleasant sauna experience. A dual control panel lets you select the desired levels from both inside and outside the sauna so you won’t have to open the door too many times.

An oxygen ionizer

Since the air inside the sauna gets very moist, there is a chance for mold to develop and to affect the quality of the air you breathe, so an oxygen ionizer is more than useful. Saunas that include it offer extended benefits in protecting your health, so keep an eye on models that come with this feature so you won’t have to pay extra money for it.

Chromotherapy light systems

It’s well known that light therapy is extremely beneficial for your health and a sauna that combines the power of the heat with the chromotherapy is two times more efficient because each color improves the way you feel in different ways. You can opt for sauna models that already include the chromotherapy or you can purchase the system separately in order to maximize the efficiency of your sauna.

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