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Interior design trends for 2017

14 Feb Posted in Home Interior

Interior design is not only about choosing functional pieces of furniture, is about combining a series of items, such as utility, style and looks, in order to obtain beautiful interiors. If you are planning a redecoration project or you have just purchased a real estate and you are about to furnish it, then you have to be informed about what 2017 has brought new to the industry. While last year has been rather unpredictable when it came to interior design, experts claim it seems that the new year will go even further. New trends have already emerged, experts claim, at they are here to stay – at least until the end of 2017. Read on this article to find out which are the elements that will define the upcoming period in terms of interior design.  

Vintage wall art

Wall art is one of the trends that appeared years ago and is here to stay. However, if last season creating some sort of gallery was quite in style, it seems that in 2017 large prints are the most popular and recommended choice. Retro and vintage models, such as vehicles, flags, symbols or Oasis canvas prints should become the central element of your living room, bedroom or even kitchen, as soon as possible. 

Bright colours

It has recently been announced by Pantone that green is the colour of the year 2017, and even if most people are thinking about fashion, interior design is no exception. Bright shades and jaw dropping hues are extremely trending at the moment, so if you are dreaming about a joyful home, it is high time you took advantage of this tendency. From lime, to turquoise, pink and purple, all these will make your house look more lively and welcoming.

Uncommon texture combinations

When it comes to house decorations and furniture, materials and textures are as important as colours. As far as clothing are concerned, in 2017 fashion is dominated by thin, silky flares and fabrics. The same goes for interior design, but the array of options is way richer. There are plenty of options for you to choose from or combine, among which the most spectacular ones are velvet, silk, wool, leather, satin and knits. Mixing textures is really important, not to mention easy and fun: just throw an effortless knitted cover on a majestic leather chair, and you get a stylish and fashionable décor for your home.      

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