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Learn how to properly pack large items around the house

11 Dec Posted in Family


Moving day is almost here and there are still a million things you have to take care of. You need to properly arrange the trip to the new location, clear out the one you are currently living in and make sure that there is someone waiting for the team of movers at the recently purchased home. Indeed, in times like these, it always seems as if you are running out of time, never being able to complete all tasks properly. Most likely, the phase that was the worst in this entire process was the actual packing of all your belongings. It can be exhausting it’s true, but it must be done properly, otherwise you risk damaging your most prised possessions. At the same time, there is the possibility of asking the team of movers to pack the things for you, but they might charge you extra. Therefore, if you are in the position of having to complete this task all by yourself, then here are a few packing tips you might just find useful.

Having trouble wrapping up that large piano?


If you should happen to own a piano, know that this item needs to be packed appropriately and carefully otherwise you might risk damaging it seriously. It is not about the scratches that you should be concerned of, but rather the interior damage a relocation might cause it. If you should not benefit from professional piano removal London services, then maybe it is high time you learned all about packing up this musical instrument. The keyboard lid needs to be perfectly closed, so make sure that you locked it. This way, if anything should fall during the move, it will not damage the keyboards. Secondly, you need a few blankets to cover up the piano. This way, nothing is going to happen to it and you will not find a single scratch on it when arriving to your new place.


Getting the mirrors and paintings ready


All houses have paintings, as well as mirrors, lots of them. When moving, you will be taking them with you. If you want them to arrive in one piece, then you need to pack them appropriately. Get as many blankets as you can and use them to wrap both paintings and mirrors. The thick texture of the blankets will protect the items and allow them to reach the destination in one piece. Also, just to be on the safe you add bubble wrap on top of the blankets.


Packing up the furniture pieces


Packing furniture implies the same steps as the one already mentioned, using bubble wrap and blankets and even boxes in some cases. However, before actually wrapping the furniture, there is one more task that needs to be completed and that is the actual disassembly of the furniture pieces. If you have modern furniture, this step should not be a problem, but for older pieces, you might want to call in the experts. Once the furniture is disassembled, then start wrapping the pieces appropriately, using duck tape for a better protection.

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