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Make the Home of Your Elderly Parents Appropriate for Mobility Scooter Use

19 May Posted in Home Interior

Seniors with impaired mobility find it hard to travel from one place to another, and they might even require assistance when trying to move around the house. If your parents have the same problem, you can make things easier for them by offering them a mobility scooter. Still, how to make a house more appropriate for mobility scooter use? Since this type of devices can be used both outdoors and indoors, you should consider making the right type of adjustments in the home of your parents. Here is a guide that will help learn more about how to help your parents become more active in their own home.

Searching for an indoor mobility scooter that can suit your house

It is imperative to read some mobility scooter reviews before buying such a vehicle for your parents. A mobility scooter integrates a seat, three or four wheels, a foot rest and handlebars for turning the steerable wheels. These types of units are battery powered, and they come in different sizes. It is very important to buy a mobility equipment only after deciding how you are going to use it, because an indoor device comes with different features than an outdoor device. For example, if you are planning to buy a machine that will be used only indoors, you should not pay extra money for a large battery range, because you won’t use it to travel long distances. Instead of that, you can focus on buying a unit that can be taken apart fast for easy storage. Usually, compact scooters come with a battery, seat and chassis that are easy to remove, so you should focus on a unit that disassembles or folds fast, to enjoy easy storage and transportation. Therefore, when reading mobility scooter reviews, focus on compact and flexible designs, comfort features and battery power.

Making house adjustments

  • Find a solution for door sills

The sill of a door can represent a huge obstacle for someone who is using a mobility scooter around the house. It is impossible for people with special needs to go over a high door sill when they are in a accessibility equipment, which means that you have two options: you can choose to remove the door sill, or you can add a small ramp over it. This solutions can enable a smooth ride to the inside of the doorway, which is essential for people who have spine problems or suffered any type of surgery.

  • Replace your regular toilet with an elevated one

Seniors need to be able to get up and down easily to make the transition from their mobility scooter effortlessly. Therefore, you should consider the idea of installing an elevated toilet seat in the bathroom. Furthermore, you can also add grab bars on each side of the toilet to improve safety even more, and to make standing easier.

  • Place bright tape on clear glass doors

Giving that most seniors have a poor eyesight, it can be difficult for them to realize that there is a door in front of them, especially when they are using a mobility equipment that can reach a fast speed. So, in order to make the house of your elderly parents more appropriate for mobility scooter use, we recommend you to cover clear doors in tape or decals.

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