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Managing a family business: Credit control

19 Apr Posted in Family

There are millions of businesses operating in the UK and all of them struggle to generate income. If you are in a business with family members, you need to generate a healthy cash flow. What you need to do basically is to make sure that cash is always there to meet the working capital needs. To achieve better performance, hire outsourced credit control London services. Effective credit control is the key to sustaining business growth.

Do you really need a credit control team?

Late payments have a devastating effect on your business, particularly on the cash flow. You need to pay your employees and cover expenses. The truth is that you cannot really afford to wait until customers pay you or until the debt collectors get your money back. If you are a business paid on invoices for delivered goods or services, you need to take action. Here is where the credit control team can help you. A credit control team protects you against customer insolvency.

Improving cash flow via credit control

No matter if you sell products or services, invoices dictate how much you will get paid. A credit control team will check every invoice to see if it was received or if it was correct. What is more, a credit control team reviews your debtors every week. Is that all? No. Such an organization helps you capture important deals right before the beginning of the business relationship. All you have to do is regularly provide the ledger. You can also use credit control to manage the way you pay suppliers. More precisely, you can ask the agency to do a check.  

Credit control leads the way to sustainable business growth

Credit control helps your family business save money. The payments are made quickly, so you will have cash siting in your account. What is more, customers will want to work with you. The approach will make you look more professional. Not only will customers keep buying from you, but they will make efforts to pay their invoices on time.


The bottom line is that if you own a family business, you should outsource credit control. Outsourcing credit control is a great way to ensure that you are getting paid and to lower operational costs. Having an outside company working on your delinquent accounts eliminates the need to start learning. No matter what your needs are, a specialized team can help you.