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Minimalist Lawn Landscaping Ideas

01 Oct Posted in Garden

Most lawn landscapes are complicated and include a variety of shapes and designs that make the lawn look cluttered and also require a high maintenance. But for those who prefer a more simple lawn landscape created with few materials and items, there is the minimalist style that makes the lawn look nice without being overdecorated. Here are some ideas of minimalist lawn landscapes that will surely enhance the aspect of your lawn.

    • A minimalist lawn basically includes a wide portion of grass that becomes the centerpiece of the landscape and which dictates the rest of the design. Not only does it make the lawn look very good and makes the entire landscape look neat, but it is also very easy to maintain using a lawn mower. If you don’t have one, read some riding lawn mower reviews and decide on a model, because the riding mowers are the most efficient, and the most convenient ones, if you have a big yard. By simply passing the mower over the grass, it will cut it at an even height in order to give it a finished aspect. Considering that the grass will cover most of the lawn, it has to look perfect regardless the season, so make sure you water and mow it regularly to keep it green and healthy. If your lawn is very big, consider a riding lawn mower. Read some riding lawn mower reviews and decide which unit would bring you the most benefits.

    • Although it is called a minimalist design, you can’t just grow grass and call it a lawn, so you can use some decorating items that will complete the picture. Alleys are the perfect touches for a minimalist lawn due to their straight lines and will enhance the aspect of the grass. You can create either long alleys to connect certain areas of the lawn or you can simply place small stones in the lawn to break the monotony and give the lawn a playful air.

    • Besides the alleys, you can also use rocks and bricks of various shapes and sizes to create minimalist lawn decorations. You can separate different areas of your lawn using a stone wall or you can decorate an existing wall with bricks that will enhance its aspect. A great idea is to place several large stones in a corner and, using some pipes and hoses, create a fountain that resembles a spring coming out of the stones of a cliff.

    • You can also add some life to your lawn using greenery with the only condition to keep things as simple as you can. You can either opt for trees trimmed in interesting shapes, small hedges cut in straight lines, perfectly square bushes and small flowers that only add color to the lawn without becoming the focal point.

    • You can easily integrate a minimalist garden set among the alleys and greenery in your lawn landscape and create a relaxing area that strengthens the simplistic design. A set of weird- shaped chairs with metallic frames and fiber seats and a matching table are all you need in a minimalist lawn landscape.

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