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Mould exposure – How to detect and get rid of it

25 Oct Posted in Family


Many products claim that they prevent mold from forming. Wall paint, for example comes nowadays with claimed qualities of this kind. But does it really prevent it? Tests have shown that if the environment is humid enough, mold will always develop and create health conditions. To be sure you always find out on time about such issues you house might have, experts advise people to periodically contact a mold testing Toronto company and perform a test. Having a great impact on human health, mold must be detected on time and an effective solution must be found. However, below are some ways to detect and get rid of mold as well as some of its health implications.

1. Hire a team of specialists to perform a test

Although mold can sometimes be visible, it is very possible to have it infiltrated in your ventilation system. Therefore, chances are you won’t be able to see it. The best way to make sure you don’t have such problems with your house is to periodically have it tested. Many companies have high quality testing devices that can detect even the smallest amounts of mold or other spores and allergens. The previous elements are able to decrease the indoor air quality even below the outside air, and if you think about the level of pollution most cities have, this is bad news for all the members of your family. Not to mention the fact that pest are as well quite sensitive to mold and can develop heath conditions as well. If the results of the test are positive, you must take action and get rid of it.

2. Also, professionals can provide effective solutions

If the report of the test is positive for mould or other allergens, a team of specialists in indoor air control can help you find the right solution for long-term perspectives. Mould can reappear periodically, therefore ask for their advice and do not attempt to use products you find in stores. They don’t do what they claim and you can make the problem even worse.

3. Health implications for humans and pets

If the mould is spread in your entire ventilation system your family might be in danger. A chain of issues is prone to develop in both humans and pets. Especially sensitive to these elements in the air, small children and elderly people can easily develop asthma and allergies, because their immune system is a lot weaker than the adults’ is. Asthma is characterized by a shortening of breathing caused by the inflammation and therefore constriction of the airways. Another symptom of this health condition is coughing and it can be triggered by anaphylaxis, a response to a severe allergen prone to develop in humid environments. Our immune system is sending messages when we encounter allergens by causing watery nose and eyes, coughing, itchy nose and red eyes.

If you notice some of the symptoms above in one or more members of your family, give a team of experts a call and have your house tested for mould. They can provide solutions for this issue as well.

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