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Nonconformist ways to decorate your walls

21 Dec Posted in Family


When it comes to decorating their rooms, some people have the craziest ideas for it. They want to make it visible for everyone that they have distinct personality than the rest of the world. Although the furniture that best represents them has already been chosen, they do not want to stop, so they continue to impress their friends with their vivid imagination and decorate their rooms’ walls in the most fascinating and unimaginable possible ways.

T-shirts on your wall

One of these methods is by hanging custom t-shirts on the walls. You can make your own custom t-shirts if you search for firms that provide t-shirt screen printing services. Whether the t-shirts are too large to wear, or people simply do not want to deteriorate them, because they are gifts from their best friends, they decide to put those t-shirts on the wall. People who choose decorating their walls with their favourite t-shirts prove to be truly nonconformists, because not anyone would agree to hang their clothes on their room’s walls.

Caps and sneakers

As it is the case of t-shirts, people who want to have a room decorated in a unique way, choose to put their favourite caps or sneakers on the walls. They design special shelves in order to hang these items on the walls. As soon as they finish with it, the result is outstanding, especially if these caps and sneakers have different sizes, colours and models.

Wine corks

People like to collect any types of items that might be considered useless in the first place. However, there is always a way to recycle them in amazing ways, such as it is the case of wine corks. You should know that these items prove to have an aesthetic side too. You can reuse wine corks in order to create a unique picture for you wall, or you could use them to write something special on your wall. Whatever your choice might be, you can be sure that everyone who enters your room will appreciate that unique art.

Yarn banners

Although this might seem a little weird in the beginning, you have to face that it is a nonconformist way of decorating your walls too. You can create yarn banners very easy and with a minimum amount of effort. The first step is deciding which colours best fit the colour of your walls. After this, you cut strings of different sizes. The secret is that you only make the final cut in order to give the yarn a specific shape after you hang it on the wall.

To conclude, there are many ways to decorate your walls in nonconformist ways. All you have to do is choose what best represents you and let your imagination run wild. You can be sure that whatever the method you choose, you will make a good impression in your friend groups and your family will be amazed. Leave the classical methods behind and choose a unique way to make your room have its own personality.

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