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Overcoming unemployment difficulties when living in France

12 May Posted in Family

Moving to a new country for employment purposes is already difficult enough, but losing the job that determined you to relocate can be even more frustrating. If you have been living in France for a while now, but you have recently lost your job, you must be worried about your currently financial situation. Well, although being unemployed is far from pleasant, you should know that the French government offers you the support you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle until managing to find a new position. If you want to learn more info on the topic, read the following aspects:

Receiving unemployment allowance – requirements

If you have researched the topic for a bit, you have probably found out that as an unemployed person living in France you are entitled to a monthly allowance. However, not all foreigners who have lost their jobs are able to apply for social security benefits, certain requirements needing to be met. The first and most important requirement is that you have not become an unemployed citizen through your own choice, and you are actually seeking work, you also need to be registered by the Pole Emploi, you must not have reached the retirement age and you need to have been working in France for at least a 4 month period. However, to receive more accurate info on the topic, you should appeler pole emploi seine saint denis.

Seeking new career opportunities

In some situations, lack of employment opportunities happen due to language barriers or domain of practice. If you want to increase your chances of getting a job, you should be aware of the training possibilities offered by this country. Once you discuss with an employer of the Pole Emploi, you will learn all about the training opportunities put at your disposal, and how they can help you in reaching new fields of employment or overcoming language barriers, making your situation far easier to cope with.

Requesting the advice of an agency

When it comes to unemployment in France, the laws and rules change periodically, and if a year ago you needed to meet certain criteria, perhaps this year things may have slightly changed. To make sure you meet all requirements, and will manage obtaining the financial support you will need throughout your period of unemployment, contacting an agency that works in this domain will be necessary. They will be able to tell you exactly what your course of action you need to take and what the government can provide you with in this situation.

If you have recently lost your job, you should not worry about your financial situation from now on, because the government can support you financially until you manage to find another job opportunity. Now that you know more details on this subject, you can take all steps necessary in receiving the unemployment benefits you are entitled to. Remember to contact an agency and request assistance, and you will quickly receive the attention of the Pole Emploi.