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Pallet racks – the ideal storage solution

29 Oct Posted in Home Interior

If you are trying to optimize the space of your warehouse, a good pallet rack design may be what you need. It is well known that when it comes to storage, the best thing you could do to maximize capacity is to make use of the vertical space, which is why a racking system will definitely help you increase efficiency in terms of storage. Logistic experts claim that the key to success in any company that needs massive storage is represented by space management, so here are some things you should know about it.

How can a good racking design help you?

When it comes to manufacturing and distribution facilities, there are two things that can be improved in order to increase efficiency: space and labour. Given the fact that these are interconnected, if you manage to fix one, the other will also solve itself – this means that you can streamline labour by optimizing storage space with a good racking design. In a busy environment, each process becomes extremely important and an inefficient storage system will prevent operations from happening in a timely manner. This is exactly why you need to install pallet rack structures: these are resistant, spacious and will help you double, triple or even quadruple the storage space you have available, depending on the height of the warehouse. An optimal racking design will increase the productivity of the employees and thus the time needed for certain operations will decrease. Reaching and moving objects may take a lot of time if they are not on hand, so you will need to evaluate your activities and then design the pallets in the most efficient manner.


Why should you revise the warehouse design regularly?

Apparently, reviewing your warehouse design from time to time is very important. Experts advise you to do this operation at least once every five years, because within this period new labour and space problems are likely to appear. By reorganizing, you can not only solve these issues, but also come up with new storage solutions, more efficient. If you already have pallet racks installed, the maybe you should consider modifying the size of the aisles, in order to optimize inbound and outbound activities. If you are thinking about expanding the business, then you will also have to think about expanding the storage space, so a new design for the pallet racks is mandatory. A five year plan seems to be the ideal timeframe for any type of business, since it allows owners to have a realistic perspective about the company’s growth in the following period.


Is rack configuration important?

Selecting the right pallet rack configuration should be done in accordance with the products that you are going to store. There are many types of pallets, and the most common are selective racks, drive in/ drive through and push back racks. Each of these has several features suitable to certain loads and logistic tools. For instance, while drive in pallets can be accessed only from one side of the bay, drive through are provided with two entries / exists. Furthermore, it seems that push back racks are the best choice for loads that occupy up to 5 pallets.



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