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Personalise your flower arrangements with ribbon

11 Feb Posted in Home Interior

A flower arrangement is perfect for being placed in any room with every occasion, because it instantly transforms it into a warm and welcoming one. People are using flowers to decorate their houses from the oldest times, but nowadays it become quite of an art to create flower arrangements. If you are one of the persons that are working in this domain, you need all the help you can get if you want to transform your company into a top one. The easiest way to create special arrangements is to use florist ribbon, because it transforms every bouquet from a simple one into a stylish one.

Bouquets and ribbon

The most important accessory of a bride is her bouquet, and every one of them has in mind how it should look. Your role is to understand her idea and to try to transform it into reality. Usually the bouquet is the centrepiece, which influences all the flower arrangements for a wedding, because they have to be related to it, and to create a unity together. Often the bride only tells you how her bouquet should look, and you have to design by yourself the bouquets of the bridesmaids and the centrepieces for the reception. The creation of the flower bouquets is a tricky process in itself, but you also have to pay attention to details and in this situation, you have to finish the look of it with ribbon. Many brides choose white ribbon, but if they do not ask for this special colour, then you should choose one that complements the look of the flowers. For example if you create a red and white bouquet, you should use red ribbon to wrap the flowers’ stems. If the bride wants a completely white bouquet, you can accessorise it with a coloured ribbon, like blue or purple. In addition, you can let the ribbon to hang loose from the bouquet to create a flowing effect.

Arches and ribbons

Many couple nowadays choose to marry under an arch, and in this situation, you have to create one according to their desires. Usually they ask for a flower arch, but this does not mean that they will say not to a more stylish one. Therefore, you can decorate it with flowers on the top, similar in colour with the ones of the bride’s bouquet and place a big ribbon bow on its feet. In addition, you have the possibility to wrap the whole arch in ribbon and place from spot to spot little coloured flowers.

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