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Premises Liability – key aspects you should know more about

15 Jun Posted in Family

Even if you are not an attorney, you should know that premise liability refers to the responsibilities you have in case someone is hurt on your property as a result of the unsafe conditions existent there. And what is more, these cases could exist not only on properties, but on any type of open structure or space. When consulting the Premises Liability Infographic you would find out that they include accidents, which might include inadequate security, construction sites, or slips and falls. But for a case to be viable, it has to meet certain requirements, and you as a victim have to prove certain aspects. This article focuses on explaining these particular aspects, because many victims are not able to receive the compensations they deserve, because they do not have access to all the details they need.

Proving that the person who caused you the injury is the owner

This is the main condition for you to be able to build a case against the person who you consider that is responsible for your injury. You have to prove that the person in case has leased, occupied or owned the property you were hurt on. For having a good premises liability case, you have to prove that the owner or lessee was responsible for inspecting the property and making sure that there are not possible dangers for the persons who might come to provide services on site. If you do not know exactly how to prove this, you should contact a Tustin injury attorney, and they would handle all the important aspects.

Proving the defendant negligence

This is one of the key aspects of the case, because negligence is a legal concept that will hold the owner accountable in the civil court for the unintentional harm they did to you. Your role is to show the authorities that the owner has failed to care the property at the required standards. But, regarding to this aspect, you should know that your role on the property has to be established, because there are some condition in which the owner is responsible for your injuries. If you were an invitee, the defendants had the obligation to make the property safe for you, if you were a licensee they had to inform you about the possible dangers, or to fix them before you arrive, and in case you were a trespasser, they had not responsibility, and your case would not be viable.

Prove that you were injured

The last aspect you have to prove is that you have actually been injured while being on the property. You can prove by the testimony of the persons who were present there, through your testimony and that of the doctors who are treating you. Also, you have to provide expert testimony and medical bills, which regard the injuries you had as a result of the negligence of the owners, and which contain details about them. It is important for the case the way your life was influenced after the injury, both on medical and personal plans, because this type of injuries affect people on multiple levels.


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