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Reasons to insulate your house

23 Oct Posted in Home Interior

Having a properly insulated house brings a lot of advantages to the table, especially if you choose the right material. Even though it might be a pricy investment, it will definitely be worth it in the end, when you see how much your comfort has increased. Companies such as Great Northern Insulation offer impeccable services and allow their clients to enjoy their newly insulated homes in no time. Here are the main reasons why you should consider insulating your house:

Energy efficiency

Everyone knows that the energy bill during those cold winter days can get pretty expensive, especially if your home is not insulated. However, when you use a professional material such as spray foam, your energy bill can decrease with up to 28%, which is not a number that should be ignored. In addition, a good insulation will even lower the energy bill during summer, as it will prevent the cooled air to leave your home and be replaced with the hot one outside. Even though the investment is pricier, it will eventually pay for itself once you see how reduced your energy bills are.


The perfect excuse to repaint your house

If your house has a colour that you don’t really like and is not very well insulated either, this will be the perfect occasion to finally repaint your home in a colour to your taste. The insulation will make your home more comfortable while the fresh coat of paint will give it a wonderful look. Many people do not like the colour their home had when they first purchased it, but repainting it is something they hardly ever make time for. This could be the perfect opportunity to finally paint your house in a colour that matches your preferences, the style of the neighbourhood or anything else that might influence your decision.



A good insulation will allow you to enjoy a quieter house if you live a noisy area or if your neighbours like to listen to loud music. This can be especially useful for those who have a lighter sleep and always have problems because of the noise outside. In addition, if you insulate your home on the inside as well, it will become a great barrier against indoor noise as well. Nothing can be more annoying when there are several people in the same house, all with different schedules, as no matter how careful they are, inevitably someone will be bothered.


To conclude, when you are thinking whether or not you should insulate your home, these are three good reasons that should definitely incline the balance in the favour of insulation. Of course, there are many more benefits worth considering such as moisture control or pest control, but it is up to each person to decide if they have the necessary budget to make this investment and to choose the right company for the job. With the help of an experienced company, your home will soon be insulated and energy efficient.


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